Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Why didn't I grow David Austin roses in front of the shop sooner?

Well, this is a little tricky because I added Abraham Darby just before it went off to the restaurant.
You can, however, see it @bowstreetflowers via Instagram.

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Habitat - again

Sweet Annie and Derek were married at the Habitat on Sunday.  The wedding was an intimate affair with family and closest friends seated at one long table garlanded with olive, calcynia, seeded eucalyptus and studded with ranunculus, dahlia, garden roses, Blushing Bride and astilbe.

Mantle piece not fighting too much with the revolving artwork

Two weddings done for this month: five to go and then the summer will be over.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Photos and materials

I spend my early mornings checking in with several blogs:  ranches and animals first and then on to flower and flower farm blogs.  Most of them post beautiful photos of their animals and flowers - really good photos.  

I'm a bad photographer.  I own a good Nikon dslr  that I bought last year.  Even as I just point and shoot I sometimes luck out because of the camera quality, not my skill.  But I know I need to hunker down and learn some stuff.  I'm also a poor self teacher.

During the past week I've been taking new photos for the website.  Aside from my lack of skill, gettting a good picture of a flower arrangement is a huge challenge.  If you're a florist and you want to see what your arrangement REALLY looks like, take a pic.

The process can take hours if I'm also answering the phone, taking orders and waiting on customers.  Even if I'm not busy, editing an arrangement is like editing an essay - the old cut and paste method.

Here's an arrangement that Lizzie made before revision:

It's pretty and before we saw the photo it looked like it had movement.

We expanded the reach almost beyond our comfort zone but in the photo it looks more interesting and has more movement.  Learn and learn some more about how best to use materials.

I took twenty photos of this arrangement, adjusting angles, even replacing some of the flowers, then putting them back in where Marisa had originally placed them,  and I never saw that leaf blocking the peony in the middle of the arrangement. Taking photos is so much about 'seeing.'

I worried over the high contrast in this arrangement and fussed with placement of the burgundy and blue, filled in small gaps that yawned as big holes in the photo.  I turned it every which way before I settled on an angle.    Is that phone ringing again?

I made this arrangement three times and took a dozen photos.

I'm hoping to be finished by next week.  I have beautiful professional photos of some of our weddings - the challenge there is choosing which ones I like best.

I think a photo class is in my future.

Friday, June 27, 2014

June catalog of flowers and Opal

Flower crown modeled by Lizzie, made for Lili, our Intern who graduated from High School.

My favorite bride photo ever.

Summer wedding bouquet with Kate garden roses.

Hot colors.  Today's Bride.

My Bindya scarf finally went on sale for 1/2 price after seven months.

Those of you who follow the blog are acquainted with Opal, the Codman Farm donkey with whom I've fallen in love.  Since I met her, I've been disturbed by how little she was cared for (except for winter skin lesions or cuts).  Her feet were always in need of care.  I think that any hoof trimming was done with wire cutters. Her job was protecting the sheep and she stayed out with them in the rain and snow until winter time really set in.  It was difficult to spend time with her when the sheep were crowding her out for carrots and the farm residents were less than open to my inquiries about her care.

A miracle has occurred .  The farmer and his family are now gone and the new farmer is 21 years old!!! His name is Eric Robichaud and he's transformed the farm.

Opal no longer guards sheep.  There are no sheep.  She shares the whole barn with two giant pigs in another stall.  There's a sign up with her name on it.  She has definitely seen a farrier and her hooves look 100 percent improved.  The barn is clean with new shavings on the floor.  She was much more engaging and enjoyed the scratches and carrots I'd brought for her.  I'm over the moon.