Tuesday, March 29, 2011

If only I'd had a camera....

The best missed photo op ever today of ZuZu dragging the toilet brush (it's new) from behind the commode and hoisting and tossing it toward the stairs.

  But here's an old photo of her peeking into her ex husband's house.

And here she is inching toward us.

Sweet peas from Japan tomorrow!


flwrjane said...

Did she get divorced?

Does she do toilets?

so many questions.

xo Jane

bowstreetflowers said...

Jane! If only she did toilets! Yes, divorced from Petals. They were a couple until we brought Violet in, because Larry, my designer at the time was worried that if one of them died, the other would mourn without a third in the group. Wrong. Petals hated Violet and he and ZuZu had a terrific fight in the middle of the night. He became a bachelor and we finally bonded ZuZu to crazy Georgette.
Are you feeling a little better?

webb said...

Wait a minute! What happened to Violet? Petal hated her and became a bachelor. ZuZu bonded with Georgette, but what about Violet? You brought her into a menage a trois, but it sounds like she ended up femme sole.

Sherri B. said...

I'm so confused, is this a soap opera? hehe

Shelley said...

If someone had told er eight years ago that I would keep rabbits one day, I'd have called them crazy. I am a DOG lover. Anyway, I've discovered what few people know: rabbits are emotionally complicated.

Petals loves visiting with customers. All three girls are Stranger phoebic.. We have hopes for bonding Petals and Violet..she was the home wrecker, but she and Petals groom through the gate when he has the run of the shop. Now I wonder, looking back at the break up, what does THIS mean?

gillian. said...

Hmm maybe petals was confused and really loved violet, but didn't want to be "that guy" so convinced himself he hated her.. Jeeze the things these rabbits put us through!

flwrjane said...

I am so glad I came back.
I didn't expect to be laughing so hard this late at work.

Do you have a dog? Did I miss a dog?

V. cold here, might as well be there.

xo jane

Unknown said...

Wait... so as far as i can tell zuzu is the one who who should get the sympathy here... she's the one who a) gets cheated on then b) gets beat up by the unfaithful petals who goes on to hate himself and destroy the other relationship at the same time. Zuzu, as far as i can tell is the only one who made the right decision by switching teams.... zuzu and georgette... together forever!

bowstreetflowers said...

GG!!! Violet is the real loser. The Drama continues:
When I brought Violet into the mix, we tried to bond them all, but Violet had eyes only for ZuZu and immediately flopped from passion when they met. ZuZu was game, but Petals was peeved and the next day, he started stalking ZuZu. Larry said "i wouldn't put them together tonight while we're gone", but I was sure nothing would happen. I was wrong. Petals' ear was split and his lip was torn. Zuzu's lip was torn and her ear was nicked. They were glaring at eachother from either side of their house.
After that, ZuZu went into mourning and was terrified of Violet or any rabbit I think she was also mad because he got the house!
Violet is alone and still pines for ZuZu who has been bonded to Georgette.

Jane - yes, there's a photo of Daisy Grace on an earlier post. Haven't posted a photo of Blossom yet. Do you detect a theme?