Thursday, March 24, 2011

Miss Figgy and Georgette

A year ago, we brought in a little fig tree and sold it to a couple who, it turned out, traveled a lot and brought the fig back to us to care for during their 'month' away.  The month turned into four months and when they returned the fig had sprouted many new leaves and was thriving.  They left her here to go traveling again, so we named her Miss Figgy and I think we're keeping her.

First leaf sprouting and baby fig after a brief basement hibernation during Valentine's Day.
This was two weeks ago.

Today!  Isn't she gorgeous!

It's time to introduce Georgette, our youngest rabbit. Beautiful but wild as a .....

Very pretty, but totally impossible.

Snow today, but Spring WILL come.  I'm pretty sure.  Sort of sure.


webb said...

Looks like Miss Figgy is longing to go outside!

Shelley said...

Yes, as soon as it's a steady-on 60 degrees outside, she'll be getting some fresh air with her sunshine!