Monday, March 14, 2011

A tip for brides and what I found among the icelandic poppies

We're seeing lots of brides lately.  I'd like to share some tips I've gleaned over the years. Today's comes from Louis Miller at LMD Floral in New York City.  His photo and my paraphrase:

Guest restroom trays should look like this, not filled with a travel size pharmacy of what-ifs.  Suggestions
for a beautiful and useful tray include:
A good quality candle:  Tatine's Wild Honeysuckle, Saipua's Cedarwood, Geodesis Tuberose.
A bottle of light fragrance like 4711.
Individual packs of Advil or Aspirin.
Lots of heavy, folded paper towels.
A nice handsoap.
Armenian papers and matches.
And, of course, fragrant flowers.

Try to find pretty wrappings and bottles for your items.

And look at the genetic surprise among the Icelandic poppies!

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