Thursday, March 17, 2011

Two day Spring exhale!!

Today in the sixties.. almost seventy tomorrow.  Sandal weather for me.  Alas, this weekend is back to the forties, but right now...bliss.

Free Spirit rose and she smells good too.

Grape hyacinth growing out of  moss in a Mason jar.  Thank you Miss Pickering!

Sweet peas from Japan.  These are the most beautiful sweet peas available right now.  They're tall and deeply fragrant in heirloom varieties like this one.  The growers of these remarkable sweet peas (and other amazing flowers) were not in the vicinity of the earthquake and tsunami, but the whole country is suffering from lack of power and transportation difficulties.  Fifty percent of sales for all Japanese flowers sold here will go to Shelter Box at


flwrjane said...

Free spirit is in my 5 favorite roses. Somedays it's #1.

And the Japanese sweetpeas, heavenly. Last week we had tweetia from Japan and it's still blooming away in a vase to my right. Blossoms twice the size of what we get from California.

Now that I've chatted your ear off, I'll have to go read some more posts.


Abdul bari said...

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