Thursday, April 28, 2011

"I never can say goodbye"

Sarah says it's over, but I'm in denial.  Bought these this morning, slimy leaves and all.  Spent thirty minutes cleaning them up.  Was it worth it? o. yeah.

AND, slipped a few carnations into an arrangement.  Think it works o.k.

Tomorrow Gillian and I are going to Maine to shop for some antiques and maybe to Snug Harbor, if they have the special Primrose we're looking for!  Pics tomorrow.

Monday, April 25, 2011

flowers in the house!!

Instead of geranium jonquil, I took home the end of the ranunculus. PINK!!! I love PINK!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday at the shop with the Easter Bunny

Petals running Springtime circles around me at the shop today.  This is as close as we all get to 'courting' around here since the rabbits have been spayed or neutered, but the circling is a ritual that happens every year at this time.  Since I'm alone here this afternoon, I am the object of his affections and he's loving being with me in the front of the shop away from Evilina Georgette.  He's also our most sociable rabbit and he engages with the toddlers to the delight of their parents.  He's even had his whiskers yanked and remained unphased.  Here he is enjoying his Easter.

Happy Easter, All

Friday, April 22, 2011

Flowers and My Cardinal

Out the door yesterday.

Looking for his mate this morning.

Slice of an arrangement.

Gearing up for tomorrow.  So many pretty flowers in the shop!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rabbit drama

IS Mercury retrograde as Sarah at Saipua suggested?  Tuesday at one thirty, a homeless guy walked in and started ranting about the stars, a State Trooper called the shop threatening to have our truck towed from in front of the World Trade Center and Georgette, wild with anger that Petals was nosing against her enclosure, leaped over the gate and attacked him beneath my desk and now that she knows she CAN get over the fence, she's slipped out at night and was discovered by Gillian yesterday morning snooping around Violet's house.  Here's a pic she took of ZuZu while she was AWOL:

"Is she back home now"?

Pleased with herself, but no harm done to her adversary.

Rabbits don't make noise when they fight, but they can do a lot of damage in a short scuffle.  Georgette wouldn't let go, so I grabbed her and Petals scooted away.  The homeless guy, unphased, had narrowed his lecture to the Solar System and Ryan sprinted out of the WTC in time not get towed.  The  Stargazer was bored with us and left.

AND, after Jane's carnation photos, I folded and bought some pretty ones:

I sure do wish they smelled great like the garden variety.  Some of the Old Timers in the Market remember when the local carnation growers would bring buckets of them into the Vendors;  the whole Market smelled of cloves. Sigh.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Stormy this week.  April is capricious, but the month is saved in the end by the Greening  of the world.  My sandals parked in the closet until further notice.

Easter cuteness has invaded the shop.

Last year we gold leafed from Christmas through Easter. Nothing was safe.

The egg that got away!

Tomorrow: more rabbit drama.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

lavender and stars

Big event at the Museum of Science last week: The Science behind the Stars.   I must say that the flowers were "eclipsed" by the amazing visuals and lighting. I did a few mock ups and I think they chose the right one.

Our driver, Ryan was transfixed.

We needed lavender flowers for champagne glasses at a wedding, so I bought a whole tray of these lavender plants that I'm going to plant in my garden.  Right now they look like a garden in the shop.

Winding up for second round of tips for brides. Hope some brides will read it!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Milton and new vases

Was reminded of  John Milton today when I saw this while we were designing centerpieces for a party.

That little shot of green in the anemone petal?

"....return Sicilian muse
And call the vales, and bid them hither cast
Their bells and flowerets of a thousand hues.
Ye valleys low where the mild whispers use,
Of shades and wanton winds, and gushing brooks,
On whose fresh lap the swart star sparely looks,
Throw hither all your quaint enameled eyes,
That on the green turf suck the honeyed showers,
And purple all the ground with vernal flowers.
Bring the rathe primose that forsaken dies,
the tufted crow-tow, and pale jessamine,
the white pink, and the pansy freaked with jet,
The glowing violet."

published 1654

AND we ordered some vases that we imagined  would make pretty arrangements  and I'm kind of liking them.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

first coat on the doors and a surprising student's first flower experience.

Taught a class of one today. I just love fostering a person's love of flowers.  Her first handtied and vase arrangement:

And then there's the painting of the door.  We'll finish the second coat tomorrow, but I have photos now to share!

Can opened. Brush ready.

Gawd, I love pink.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Painting the door

As Gillian applied color to the primer on the doors of the shop, I was reminded of Persephone's blog, " what possessed me", and her quote from Paul Klee: " Color possesses me. I don't have to pursue it. It will possess me always...". The color is Salmon Upstream and it shimmers against the color "Emeraud" which is an extraordinary yellow above the white wainscotting. Photos tomorrow after a second coat. Color is why I'm a floral designer and I thank those who have taught me so much about it and I look forward to learning what I don't yet know.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Frittalaria rules the day and a quiet moment with Georgette

Some days, setting up the display is an extra pleasure.  Colors today are so pretty and it's overcast, so the glare is down in the shop.

Painting the inside of the doors of the shop tomorrow.  Painting clothes required.  Color: Salmon Upstream.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Flowers at the market. Flowers out of the shop!

The Boston Market this morning.  Thank you Bob at Kelley!!!

Viburnum, french tulips, green and white hydrangea with white allium shooting out for a customer's central hallway.

Astrancia and Free Spirit

Orange and Burgundy... yum. A Gillian creation.

Busy day.  The flowers just get better and better at this time of year.

Pottery was a bust this morning.  Mudflat is moving soon to its new building and I was given the choice of white stoneware or porcelain when I needed more clay... chose stoneware which was super wet.  Thumbs down on my work today.  s'ok though. It's so much fun even on the bad days.

Tomorrow more planting window boxes and urns. I'm putting a peperomia out on my porch tonight to see how it does in 35 degree temperatures and would love to use it in a Beacon Hill window box for the Spring.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Two days obsessing over what tote bag to buy.  A question of size.  So many amazing websites found on The Art of Tote blog. Who knew?  Started out at JCrew and after two days ended up there again.  Like I said, it's all about size.  The most beautiful bags made from recycled and vintage canvas are HUGE!!!  Here's my compromise from JCrew:  14"x14" x 7"

And here's the runner up made of waxed canvas that I really wanted from Brooks Farm but it was too big.

Now to flowers in the shop which get better each day.

Nope, it's ranunculus.

Local anemone

And this is for Jane and GG

"Come on,you throw it down the stairs this time"

Sunday, April 3, 2011

It might really be Spring

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye

Making Marlowe's vegetable stew with polenta.  Fertilized those roses.   Joe out cutting down the raspberry canes after cleaning windows in the bedroom and finishing the laundry. A cup of coffee goes a long way with that guy!

Here's Blossom AKA The Pooper.  He's a handsome guy.

Friday, April 1, 2011

rabbits and flowers and plants. snow and sleet.

"Our house is a very very very fine house".

                                                  In the beginning.........

The Temptress....

No trespassing! 

Photos and captions for GG and Jane!

Snowing today .. slushing really. Tomorrow clearer, warmer.  Installing more containers with Hellebore!  
May design a pink skirt of pansies all around the urns.  If it looks great, I'll take pics.

Arrangement for one of our sweetest customers to his wife.

Gillian's in New York shopping and stopping at Uniqlo for me.  Kristina is performing as Ophelia in Hamlet.  All alone today and not minding at all!