Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Flowers at the market. Flowers out of the shop!

The Boston Market this morning.  Thank you Bob at Kelley!!!

Viburnum, french tulips, green and white hydrangea with white allium shooting out for a customer's central hallway.

Astrancia and Free Spirit

Orange and Burgundy... yum. A Gillian creation.

Busy day.  The flowers just get better and better at this time of year.

Pottery was a bust this morning.  Mudflat is moving soon to its new building and I was given the choice of white stoneware or porcelain when I needed more clay... chose stoneware which was super wet.  Thumbs down on my work today.  s'ok though. It's so much fun even on the bad days.

Tomorrow more planting window boxes and urns. I'm putting a peperomia out on my porch tonight to see how it does in 35 degree temperatures and would love to use it in a Beacon Hill window box for the Spring.


Falls Flowers said...

Yum yum and yum! I want white allium.

Denise | Chez Danisse said...

Those French tulips are pretty amazing.

bowstreetflowers said...

Only 99 miles to NYC m'am, and those allium could be yours!

Denise, aren't they pretty? They never seem to have stiff enough stems, so I cut them short where they unfurl among the other flowers.

webb said...

How many ways are there to say "jealous"?

bowstreetflowers said...

Webb, my home self is jealous of my shop self!

Falls Flowers said...

99 miles and a 3am wakeup! Maybe when I'm finally not sick.

My home self is insanely jealous of my shop self. My home self also wishes that shop self would spend more time at home keeping home clean.