Sunday, April 17, 2011

lavender and stars

Big event at the Museum of Science last week: The Science behind the Stars.   I must say that the flowers were "eclipsed" by the amazing visuals and lighting. I did a few mock ups and I think they chose the right one.

Our driver, Ryan was transfixed.

We needed lavender flowers for champagne glasses at a wedding, so I bought a whole tray of these lavender plants that I'm going to plant in my garden.  Right now they look like a garden in the shop.

Winding up for second round of tips for brides. Hope some brides will read it!


marlowe said...

Beautiful lavendar! Reminds me of California and warmer days.
Happy Monday!

Falls Flowers said...

Those pictures are magical. I love the second one, it looks like it's floating in the middle of space. Really lovely. xop

flwrjane said...

A garden can never have enough lavender.

What a beautiful venue.

xo jane