Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Two days obsessing over what tote bag to buy.  A question of size.  So many amazing websites found on The Art of Tote blog. Who knew?  Started out at JCrew and after two days ended up there again.  Like I said, it's all about size.  The most beautiful bags made from recycled and vintage canvas are HUGE!!!  Here's my compromise from JCrew:  14"x14" x 7"

And here's the runner up made of waxed canvas that I really wanted from Brooks Farm but it was too big.

Now to flowers in the shop which get better each day.

Nope, it's ranunculus.

Local anemone

And this is for Jane and GG

"Come on,you throw it down the stairs this time"

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flwrjane said...

Did I just giggle? I believe so.

I love the bag, just love it.

Your posts make me smile.

xo jane