Thursday, April 21, 2011

Rabbit drama

IS Mercury retrograde as Sarah at Saipua suggested?  Tuesday at one thirty, a homeless guy walked in and started ranting about the stars, a State Trooper called the shop threatening to have our truck towed from in front of the World Trade Center and Georgette, wild with anger that Petals was nosing against her enclosure, leaped over the gate and attacked him beneath my desk and now that she knows she CAN get over the fence, she's slipped out at night and was discovered by Gillian yesterday morning snooping around Violet's house.  Here's a pic she took of ZuZu while she was AWOL:

"Is she back home now"?

Pleased with herself, but no harm done to her adversary.

Rabbits don't make noise when they fight, but they can do a lot of damage in a short scuffle.  Georgette wouldn't let go, so I grabbed her and Petals scooted away.  The homeless guy, unphased, had narrowed his lecture to the Solar System and Ryan sprinted out of the WTC in time not get towed.  The  Stargazer was bored with us and left.

AND, after Jane's carnation photos, I folded and bought some pretty ones:

I sure do wish they smelled great like the garden variety.  Some of the Old Timers in the Market remember when the local carnation growers would bring buckets of them into the Vendors;  the whole Market smelled of cloves. Sigh.


flwrjane said...

But they're so pretty aren't they? A couple of them do smell nice and spicy, the rest we just have to love for their color and ruffled petticoats.

Crazy rabbits!

xo Jane

bowstreetflowers said...

Jane, they're a hard sell to the sophisticated client who has been conditioned to dislike the idea of them, but guys who are unenculturated in the floral world innocently love them because they're so pretty.

Falls Flowers said...

unenculturated. so true! i love those guys.

bowstreetflowers said...

I've already told a bride I'll be using just a few miniature carnations in her centerpieces because of their perfect color for her palette and for texture. She nodded approvingly. Progress! If one just really dislikes carnations, I can understand that. But to BELIEVE one doesn't like them is another kettle of fish!