Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ending one crazy week, beginning another one!!

Lots of good things happening.  We had a nice mention in the Boston Globe magazine last week: 13 Fab Florists.  Nice to be included with all the other florists I admire.  Also, a great short article in the Improper Bostonian with nice photos by Katie Noble and some nice writing about us by Liz Bromze. Thanks to them and to Marni Elyse Katz for plugging pink for us!

Our trip to Maine was slightly fruitful:  a pretty square terra cotta planter from England:

and another little English treasure: a cement hedgehog!

And here, I confess my weakness for old, loved, then abandoned stuffed animals.  This one is seventy years old and was well taken care of:  it's stuffed with excelsior:

It will probably come home with me. 

Mother's Day is accompanied by Proms, Performances and Teacher Appreciation.  I was supposed to take it slow today in preparation for the big day, but was up early to take the dogs out while I worked at a weedy flower bed.  Gardening is like reading a good book.  The more one reads it, the more one wants to read. The best part of gardening:  there is no end.  I weeded, and bordered a bed with bricks that Joe had piled into it so he could mow the border. (Bad Joe).  This has a Queen Elizabeth rose that I've pruned hard this year.  All my roses will need to be sprayed with an organic pest spray if I'm going to have blooms in June.  I'm planting Crane's Bill around it after Mother's Day.

Flowers are ordered for this week.  Bought some vases with a Mother's Day feel... new ones in turqoise, an old blown glass with an uneven flounce, little bud vases.

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