Friday, May 13, 2011

houdini blog

My blog from Wednesday disappeared into.... somewhere.  Unable to post yesterday's blog from home, so posting here at work today.

My birthday was yesterday.  Chocolate cake and a gift certificate from my sweet and remarkable staff.

Mary Catherine and Deborah own the most beautiful restaurant in Cambridge.  The Soiree room looks like a Gustav Klimt painting... so amazing.  Such a good Birthday present. THANK YOU Gillian, Kristina and Ryan.

We're gearing up for Tuesday's Event at the Longfellow House.  I haven't designed a really big urn in a while so it should be fun.  Can't wait to take pictures.


The Monkey Flower Group said...

Happy late birthday!!!

Glad you persevered and had some luck with the posting. Blogger also gobbled up one of my posts (which has returned) and several comments (which have not). So strange!

I can't wait to see the Longfellow House event photos!

flwrjane said...

Third time lucky I hope. Blogger has refuse to let me comment and wish you a happy belated birthday.

But Jamie got through so I'm trying again.


Can't wait to see the urns.

xo jane

flowers on my table said...

Belated happy birthday, sounds like you had a good one. Love Linda x

marlowe said...

Happy birthday, belatedly as usual!!
I'm ready and eager to have an adventure!!