Monday, May 2, 2011

My Wildebeast

Every morning I've gone to the Market during the last eight years, I see this guy on the fringe of the Franklin Park Zoo.  I finally stopped and snapped a few pics.  The 'girls' are in one pen and my guy stands by himself on the other side of the fence.  The girls run as a herd passed him and he runs with them. It's Spring, and there's a lot of that going on.  Here they are.

Seems a bit tortuous, hmm?


gillian. said...

Awww. Does he have some stripes? He's been your friend for so long!

flwrjane said...

Hey, I couldn't leave a comment on your last post??

I love your purchases and would love the exercises, please.

We have first communions this weekend too, grrr, head wreaths. And my right hand designer and our flower cleaner both have children making their first communion, so they're out saturday.

no wonder I'm throwing up:)

xo jane

bowstreetflowers said...

Jane... First, determine which side spins the most. If you turn your head sharply, one side will send you spinning faster. If it's the right side, then lay on the right side of the bed..if it's left, then lay down on the left.

Put a pillow on the bed just below where your shoulder blades would fall.
Sit on the bed like you're going to lay down. Instead, fall back..your head will be lower than the rest of you. Count to ten.

Turn your head about 45 degrees and count to ten.

Turn your head all the way to the right and count to ten.

Then sit up with your legs swung to hanging over the side.

The most important things are that your head is lower than your body.(that's what the pillow is for..the lower your head, the more effective it will be). And that you
do it four times a day.

I haven't thrown up, but I've been nauseous. There are little 'rocks' in your inner ear that become dislodged and need to go back..this exercise helps do that.
Good luck!

Falls Flowers said...

Hey, I couldn't comment on your last post either. Love elephant. Poor guy, I wonder if he ever gets to hang out with the girls, or if they only get to visit through the fence?

flwrjane said...

Thank you for these. Rachel from slow lane life is already doing them and has sent them on to a friend.

Who knew we were all so dizzy:)

xo Jane

flowers on my table said...

Its always the same, the girls chasing the boys!Love Linda x