Thursday, May 5, 2011

Our Rose Story

The roses from Rose Story Farm in California came in today.  This place smells like a Perfumerie!
I love that they wrap them in brown paper and pack their little stems in wet moss for the trip to Boston.

And we've been starting with Mother's Day.  This from our favorite filmaker:

And these:

And from the other day, a Canadian Goose with an interesting pedigree.


flwrjane said...

Is that the farm Erin was talking about? I'll be bringing it up at work. Guarantee we'll have a boxfull next week. Wish we'd known for this weekend...

Anything else you're holding back from me?

Hope you get and stay in the groove. I think I'm there.

xo jane

webb said...

Lovely roses, but I think your goose is a muscovey - domestic duck.

Hope you survive Mother's Day!

bowstreetflowers said...

Hi Webb, dunno for sure but it was hanging around with a gaggle of Canadian geese that have increased here in Boston these last ten years. Same size and color, but this one was painted very differently!!!

Jane, no, different rose grower. I'm sure Erin's source is great..they grow varieties that you can find in the market, AND garden type roses. Don't know the price difference yet, but do like the paper wrapping over cellophane.

flwrjane said...

Just home, EXHAUSTED. Can it be true we have a whole other day???

Hope you're holding up.

Put Bow Street On facebook so we can chat whenever we need to scream. K?

xo Jane

bowstreetflowers said...


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

So you're the one who stole my apricot roses! By the time I called Rose Story, they were wiped out. Boo. But lucky you. Love the coral charm in that squid jar! See you on fb... xop

(my blogger profile disappeared, what the heck?!)