Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Roses and Roses for all!

Sunday's class was small and intimate with two women who are good friends.  I had decided to go ahead with a basket class even though working with oasis can be a challenge to the uninitiated.  These girls rocked it.  Our roses had arrived from Rose Story Farm the day before and I left them out all night to open.  We also had a small bunch of hothouse grown David Austin roses I tossed into the mix.  These were much 'cleaner' than the roses grown outdoors, but I love the little flaws and even the little bruises here and there.    The roses at Giverny and La Bagatelle are like that... blown and slightly rain ravaged.

So, C.A and Emily, here are your triumphs!!!


Two different personalities: two different styles.  I love the closely arranged basket, the tucked in ivy
 and tumbling roses.   The larger design is admirably bold for a beginner.  How pretty!


Falls Flowers said...

love! i can smell them roses through the screen. those colors are so luscious. will have to share my photos of abraham darby soon - he's been blooming up a storm!

An Urban Cottage said...

Lovely! They must have had a great teacher.

flwrjane said...

Both charming. I second Urban Cottage.

xo Jane

gillian. said...

Peach and apricot! I am in love, of course!!