Thursday, June 30, 2011

She arrived!!!

Ms. Canon G12 arrived yesterday.  While the photos I took were great (surprisingly), getting them uploaded was a challenge.  I think I've got it.  Here are the first lovely shots.

David Austin Rose

Short peacock feathers

Flower display

Yellow peony interior

Sweet pea "woods".

My Annabelle hydrangea.

More tomorrow.  I'm making a centerpiece mock up for a nice couple.  Looking forward to taking more pictures!!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Flowers FROM my house

O.K. I'm cheating here, but it couldn't be helped.  I forgot to bring my hideous camera home, so went out this morning snipping a little bit of everything that's growing in the front and back yards, designed them (sort  of) in my vase FROM home and brought them into the shop to photograph.

We have Annabelle hydrangea, Felicia rose (the pink one and intensly fragrant) and Sally Holmes.

This is Phyllis Bide beneath an arch of Honeysuckle.

And Goat's Beard frothing around in the vase.

New camera on Wednesday!  I won't be forgetting that one.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

One last look!

The peonies are on their way out until November when they come in from the Southern Hemisphere.  Oh, there will be the Dutch peonies: really rather drab compared to the lovely local varieties we've had this season. And, like tulips in the summer, not the strongest specimans.

So here's a farewell view from last week.  Tomorrow is Flowers in the House!!  Oh, yeah and apparently it's" Bone Sunday", so I'm cookin' somethin' special.

These are "Cheddar".

And these....shame on me, I forgot.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Somerville Arrangement

No, it's really for Beth Israel Hospital but An Urban Cottage has this special place in his heart for Dusty Miller, especially the Somerville variety, so in honor of him, we've named it "Somerville".
Thanks, Steve.

Made with love by Gillian!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

an "I'm happy alone in the woods arrangement".

Yesterday I was called upon to create a 'woodsy' arrangement. Mosses, sticks, etc.  "I'm living in the woods alone. loving it and wouldn't you like to visit " kind of arrangement.   hmmmmmm.  A photo from the website was referenced.  I tried imagining this in a vase.  I couldn't imagine it in a vase.

The budget was high and I had the time.  It came close to "twee" (Miss Pickering).  Or maybe it WAS "twee".  I had fun though and it was well received by it's recipient.  I probably won't be doing this again...EVER.

Best part was that the tray fit perfectly in the birch bark.

Little sheep by Tilla who makes beautiful pottery in Somerville.

Here's my new baby due to arrive early next week.

I'll be so happy to pass along my Canon SD790

Thanks to all who weighed in with good camera suggestions, especially Steve at An Urban Cottage, Erin at Floret Flower Farm and Jaime at Monkey Flower Group!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

And just as I was about to...

whine about my camera on my post for the day, one of my favorite bloggers walked into my shop with PEACH PIE!!!!!   Wow!  Steve from Urban Cottage brought us a pie and stayed for a lovely visit. (a little ashamed of the unchanged bunny boxes. o well).  Not only did he bring Petsi pie,(most amazing pie in town) but he showed me how to add my contact info on my blog and I got to ask him questions I'd been wishing for months to ask him.  It completely made our day.  The pie was stellar, Steve.  Thanks again!

The little heart cut-outs made a sweet shamrock in the middle. yummmmmmm.

So about my whining.  As some of you may know, my Canon dived into a flower bucket on Saturday. I was able to save the little card and download the photos on it, but revival is a lost cause.

So I'm looking to buy a new camera and I'm reaching out everyone!  I've received two great tips so far.  Any suggestions for under 500.00?  Someone suggested a Canon Power Shot G12.  It received good reviews, but no lense changes.    I'm kind of tech illiterate so too many bells and whistles will muck me up.

And finally, here are the rehearsal dinner arrangements from last week.

I'll be waiting like a nervous girlfriend for comments!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Four weddings and a Christening..and a rehearsal dinner.

Alas, all things not being perfect (but most) this weekend, I dropped my little Canon in a bucket of water...after I'd taken photos of the rehearsal dinner flowers and after they had been delivered.  I had to rely on my old camera to snap a few bouquets and an Escort table piece.

These two bouquets required Tweedia. This one was blush peonies, Tweedia and Maiden Hair Fern.  We transported it in water.  Luckily the Bride understood how delicate it was, so we delivered at the last minute. The Japanese Tweedia is perfection.

This Bride wanted an informal bouquet of garden flowers.  No roses. No peonies. By some miracle there was Autumn type Clematis available that enhanced the 'wild' flower look.  Astrancia has become the most popular flower in the shop second to peonies right now.

This was the little Bridesmaid bouquet for her Sister.  The last of the Dutch sweet pea was in both bouquets.

The "wild" flower wedding was at Adams House at Harvard.  Our shop used to be across the street, so it was kind of nice to be back in our old stomping grounds.  This was her Escort Table piece.

I was given the O.K. to slip a few of these irresistable yellow peonies into the vase.

Kristina has left with her partner Stephanie to have a new life in Baltimore and our stellar driver Ryan has found a real job, so Gillian and I were on our own last week, making deliveries and whipping up two full on weddings and two smaller weddings.
Needless to say I slept in this morning.

 Ryan came back to us for the day like he promised he would after working a 60 hour week at his new job.  I am  truly fortunate to have those two!  He's also on board for a multiple wedding day in July.

My roses are all blooming in the garden. I'm planning a Meet and Greet on tomorrow's blog!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Flower Greed!!!and my favorite Weed!!

I was greedy.  I bought them all.  Who could resist?

This is the weed I forage for this time of year.  Want Wildflower? Will Travel! She loves Industrial Parks, trashy roadsides.  She likes to be left alone to flourish.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bi Polar weather! Weirdly grieving dog.

It's downright chilly folks!  We were sweltering earlier in the week and now it's like May 1.  Not really complaining.  Yesterday's wedding at the Audobon Society's Habitat in Belmont took place inside because of the rain and again no photos!  But the ceremony was moved into the little ballroom in front of the french doors looking out to the garden and frankly, I prefer that to the outside ceremonies there.  I'm hoping to snag some photos from their photographer... they'll be so much better than mine anyway.

Blossom was mean to Daisy sometimes.. always in competition for Joe's attention.  I stupidly thought he'd be glad she was out of the picture, but apparently he's in mourning mode:  started sleeping behind the couch during the evening, stands around looking confused and miraculously is more quiet.

Here he is resting in front of my out of control Goat's Beard shrub.  Think I should divide that this Fall?

and here's a baby goose (they're all hatched now) to cheer us up!

Sorry for the fuzz.  It was bobbing up and down and I was in the car.

Jane! I'm making tortillas tonight!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bride's bouquet and Flowers in the House

Our first wedding in June and in my haste, I was able to get a not great photo of the Bride's bouquet, but hoping it translates somewhat.

This is the best time of year for what grows in the garden.  Still waiting for the Annabelle hydrangea to ripen and most of the roses haven't popped yet.  But here's what I picked for Monday Flowers in the House.

A nice close up of Urban Cottage's Favorite Garden Flower!

See it up there between the Baptisia?

So, we have Baptisia, the peonies that were flattened by the Big Storm, lemon balm, unopened Spirea,
and the only rose in the garden whose name I don't know.  It's a Rugosa and smells heavenly.  There's Akibia vine and last, but not least, Spiderwort which has pretty much taken over.  It DOES go with the blue, pink and white of the color theme out there.

In May I tried to photograph my PINK Wisteria that had hundreds of flowers this year, but it still came out lavender. I bought it as a baby from Heronswood Nursery about 6 years ago and it's now going crazy over the garage.

So now all I have to do is follow Jane's instructions for getting this into the loop for tomorrow.

O. and did I say that these last four days have been perfect New England Storybook weather.  Upper Sixties, low Seventies, dry, warm sun and today is cloudless.  Making a delivery then goin' back home.

Thursday, June 2, 2011


We're smack dab in the middle of peony season and o. my, o. my.  

                           Tree peony "Joseph Rock"

                         Tree peony "Toichi Ruby"
                        Herbacious peony

AND, made a delivery the other evening... left the arrangement and took photos of these:

There must have been 70 flowers on this shrub.  yeah, I was tempted.  no, I resisted.