Sunday, June 12, 2011

Bi Polar weather! Weirdly grieving dog.

It's downright chilly folks!  We were sweltering earlier in the week and now it's like May 1.  Not really complaining.  Yesterday's wedding at the Audobon Society's Habitat in Belmont took place inside because of the rain and again no photos!  But the ceremony was moved into the little ballroom in front of the french doors looking out to the garden and frankly, I prefer that to the outside ceremonies there.  I'm hoping to snag some photos from their photographer... they'll be so much better than mine anyway.

Blossom was mean to Daisy sometimes.. always in competition for Joe's attention.  I stupidly thought he'd be glad she was out of the picture, but apparently he's in mourning mode:  started sleeping behind the couch during the evening, stands around looking confused and miraculously is more quiet.

Here he is resting in front of my out of control Goat's Beard shrub.  Think I should divide that this Fall?

and here's a baby goose (they're all hatched now) to cheer us up!

Sorry for the fuzz.  It was bobbing up and down and I was in the car.

Jane! I'm making tortillas tonight!!!


gillian. said...

I love that you papa razzi'd that baby goose! Too cute. There's one behind the mama, too! Just a fuzz blob though, which is pretty great.
And I love blossom!! Looks like he is posing with his kong in a very deliberate way!

flowers on my table said...

Poor dog! The gosling is just too cute. Love LInda x

bowstreetflowers said...

Thank you, Linda! So many goslings here, along the Charles River, the Jamaica Way. So charming when traffic comes to a halt to let the mothers and their babies cross the busy highways.