Monday, June 27, 2011

Flowers FROM my house

O.K. I'm cheating here, but it couldn't be helped.  I forgot to bring my hideous camera home, so went out this morning snipping a little bit of everything that's growing in the front and back yards, designed them (sort  of) in my vase FROM home and brought them into the shop to photograph.

We have Annabelle hydrangea, Felicia rose (the pink one and intensly fragrant) and Sally Holmes.

This is Phyllis Bide beneath an arch of Honeysuckle.

And Goat's Beard frothing around in the vase.

New camera on Wednesday!  I won't be forgetting that one.


flwrjane said...

There's no such thing as cheating on Mondays.

I brought home some flowers from the shop and mixed them up with some from my garden.

It's all about the pretty and yours are very pretty.

Love your roses and Annabelle is a fav of mine.

Thought you didn't have much of a garden, methinks you are mistaken.

xoxo Jane

LPC said...

Looks like fireworks, in the vase. And like summer. Two of my favorite things. (via flwrjane)

Sherri B. said...

So pretty and natural, love the vase. If I start paying attention, I just might learn the names of all of the flowers from you smart flower people...I'm thinking that would be a good idea!

An Urban Cottage said...

Very pretty, easy-breezy, summer cottage, flip-flops and sundress arrangement.

Unknown said...

Summer freshness in a vase, just lovely.

So interested in your camera purchase, I am holding out for a new camera for Christmas this year, and am thinking of the Canon rebel. Let us know how you get on with your new camera please. x ps so glad the earring arrived safe and sound.

webb said...

Annabelle is quite lovely!

bowstreetflowers said...

Jane- well, as a loose term, I do have a garden. I'll send you a photo sometime, then you'll have an idea .
lPC -thanks! Fireworks coming up next week- real ones!
Sherri - it's pretty apparent you love will definitely learn their names.
Steve - flip flops and summer dresses? I'm in!
Belinda- I'll look at the Rebel. Can hardly wait for Wed.!

bowstreetflowers said...

And Webb, Annabelle is crazy blooming this year. I'll be cutting for the shop!

Anonymous said...

I have a hideous camera too! But your flowers are really lovely. Ahhhh, honeysuckle!

bowstreetflowers said...

Thanks for visiting, Countingdandelions! I'm pretty sure my first photos with the new camera won't be great but at least there's hope now!

The Monkey Flower Group said...

MMMMmmmm honeysuckle and roses! It's like a song in a vase, in more ways than one. So pretty.

Can't wait to see you get to playing with that new camera! Today's the day, right?



bowstreetflowers said...

I was wrong, Jaime. My new camera takes beautiful pictures right out of the box on Auto. Soon I'll be fiddling with aperture and shutter speed! I love my new camera

flowers on my table said...

So delicate and pretty! Love Linda x

flowers on my table said...

Thankyou for your comments, they made me lol! It was actually quite a warm day, but it was overcast and a little windy. However, with Irish summers, you just have to grab it while you can! A bit more sunshine would be lovely though! Have a great weekend, love Linda x