Sunday, June 19, 2011

Four weddings and a Christening..and a rehearsal dinner.

Alas, all things not being perfect (but most) this weekend, I dropped my little Canon in a bucket of water...after I'd taken photos of the rehearsal dinner flowers and after they had been delivered.  I had to rely on my old camera to snap a few bouquets and an Escort table piece.

These two bouquets required Tweedia. This one was blush peonies, Tweedia and Maiden Hair Fern.  We transported it in water.  Luckily the Bride understood how delicate it was, so we delivered at the last minute. The Japanese Tweedia is perfection.

This Bride wanted an informal bouquet of garden flowers.  No roses. No peonies. By some miracle there was Autumn type Clematis available that enhanced the 'wild' flower look.  Astrancia has become the most popular flower in the shop second to peonies right now.

This was the little Bridesmaid bouquet for her Sister.  The last of the Dutch sweet pea was in both bouquets.

The "wild" flower wedding was at Adams House at Harvard.  Our shop used to be across the street, so it was kind of nice to be back in our old stomping grounds.  This was her Escort Table piece.

I was given the O.K. to slip a few of these irresistable yellow peonies into the vase.

Kristina has left with her partner Stephanie to have a new life in Baltimore and our stellar driver Ryan has found a real job, so Gillian and I were on our own last week, making deliveries and whipping up two full on weddings and two smaller weddings.
Needless to say I slept in this morning.

 Ryan came back to us for the day like he promised he would after working a 60 hour week at his new job.  I am  truly fortunate to have those two!  He's also on board for a multiple wedding day in July.

My roses are all blooming in the garden. I'm planning a Meet and Greet on tomorrow's blog!


Lotte and Bloom said...

i'm sorry to hear about your camera meeting a watery end. love the maiden hair though...x

flowers on my table said...

What beautiful natural looking bouquets. I love the use of the fern as well. Hope you get a well deserved rest, love Linda x

flwrjane said...

If I wasn't so busy I would have come up and helped you. Anyway, I don't drive.

That's a boatload of work for 2 people. Hope you had some rest today.

I'll wash my face for tomorrow's meeting.

xo jane

me melodia said...

omg, what is that white whispy thing that looks like ostrich feather?

bowstreetflowers said...

Lotte - I was told to bury the camera in rice. hmmm.
Thank you Linda. I had a lovely day of domesticity.
Thanks Jane - I'll keep you in mind for the next marathon! There's always the train!
Melodia - it's Goat's Beard. I bought this at Market, but I'm cutting my own in the morning.

An Urban Cottage said...

Those are some really unique and beautiful arrangements. Love the autumn clematis in the arrangements. It's like little twinkling stars upon which to make a wish.

I was going to ask about the Goat's Beard. I thought it was ostrich plume astilbe. When I retire early I was going to bag groceries at Whole Foods but I can come to work for you if you want.

Anne Paterson's Flower said...

I love maidens hair ferns in bouquets, so fresh and lovely!!

me melodia said...

UM, apparently i love goats beard.
I hope those goats can shed some beard in the fall. ;)