Thursday, June 23, 2011

an "I'm happy alone in the woods arrangement".

Yesterday I was called upon to create a 'woodsy' arrangement. Mosses, sticks, etc.  "I'm living in the woods alone. loving it and wouldn't you like to visit " kind of arrangement.   hmmmmmm.  A photo from the website was referenced.  I tried imagining this in a vase.  I couldn't imagine it in a vase.

The budget was high and I had the time.  It came close to "twee" (Miss Pickering).  Or maybe it WAS "twee".  I had fun though and it was well received by it's recipient.  I probably won't be doing this again...EVER.

Best part was that the tray fit perfectly in the birch bark.

Little sheep by Tilla who makes beautiful pottery in Somerville.

Here's my new baby due to arrive early next week.

I'll be so happy to pass along my Canon SD790

Thanks to all who weighed in with good camera suggestions, especially Steve at An Urban Cottage, Erin at Floret Flower Farm and Jaime at Monkey Flower Group!


An Urban Cottage said...

Totally creative and adorable!

flwrjane said...

Well I love a theme. We're all crazy about them at work and sometimes run a little bit too far....

But yours is perfect, and nothing wrong with a bit of twee. It's not like you put a Holly hobbit in it!

xo jane

bowstreetflowers said...

Thanks Steve and Jane! Confidence restored!

The Monkey Flower Group said...

Hehe. Love your narrative of the creative process, and those little sheep are precious! Very adorable.

bowstreetflowers said...

Jaime - Diorama-making on a rainy afternoon. You should have seen me try to make a little house out of birch bark. Wood glue just doesn't dry fast enough!