Sunday, June 26, 2011

One last look!

The peonies are on their way out until November when they come in from the Southern Hemisphere.  Oh, there will be the Dutch peonies: really rather drab compared to the lovely local varieties we've had this season. And, like tulips in the summer, not the strongest specimans.

So here's a farewell view from last week.  Tomorrow is Flowers in the House!!  Oh, yeah and apparently it's" Bone Sunday", so I'm cookin' somethin' special.

These are "Cheddar".

And these....shame on me, I forgot.


gillian. said...

I thought that tag said Sarah Bernhardt aka Sandra Bernhardt jr?

bowstreetflowers said...

aren't you in your gre class?

An Urban Cottage said...

When I was little, just about 20 years ago, I thought they were called "Panties." What a funny name for a flower, I thought. I used to laugh out loud every time my mother said the name.

Imagine how funny Cheddar Panties would have been!

bowstreetflowers said...

Hey Urban, how about Sarah Bernhardt panties!!!

flwrjane said...

Now it's just getting dirty. Can't believe Mr. Panties neglected to comment on Bone Sunday again.

It's bed time for all of us. I'll be by tomorrow:)

Wait till you see my panty tomorrow!

xo jane

gillian. said...

I was on the 10 min break in class! Thanks for keeping me in check though! No blogging during class!!
Bone Sunday!

Erin said...

so sad to see these beauties go!

bowstreetflowers said...

Jane - I commented on Bone Sunday. That's what I'm calling it when I'm cooking something good on my day off! That Steve is a cheeky guy!

Erin - yes, although some more popped up this week in the market! Dahlias are next!