Monday, July 4, 2011

dog blog

Many friends have asked us if we're going to be adding another dog to our family.  Since we've had three at one time, I can understand this question. And since I'm a dog nut, it would make sense.

Here are some photos of dogs of friends, dogs I imagine in my life, dogs I admire. Inanimate dogs. They'll have to do for now.

Briard at Coolidge Corner

Julie's Tulip 'boning' around at Julie's shop, Pod

Sweet Emily, a South African Ridgeback who lives with my best friend Toni in California.

Visitor next door smelling the flowers

Blossom posing

Mt. Auburn Cemetary

The Greeters at the shop!

Happy Fourth of July everyone!  Back to business as usual tomorrow.


flowers on my table said...

Very cute pooches! Love Linda x

bowstreetflowers said...

Thanks, Linda! I'll get back to flowers tomorrow!

gillian. said...

love that photo of blossom. i still hold to what i say about him being one of the most unique, strikingly handsome guys i've ever seen. has he ever met tulip?
i think in that photo he's saying: i'll wait til she loses the camera and then i'll go back to eating the door. :)

Falls Flowers said...

Thanks for the laugh, Gillian! Too true. Hope you all had a wonderful 4th. Missing you tons!!