Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tip for Brides Part 2 Shy Brides

How I love to meet with new brides!  Big wedding, small wedding, City Hall wedding:  each bride who visits is inviting me through a doorway into their imagination where the most extraordinary planning unfolds onto the table.  I'm often in awe.

My work is helping them translate their vision into their Big Day. It is never boring, rarely frustrating and the process never ceases to excite me.

There is, however, one choice a bride makes that is so personal, I used to automatically defer to their wishes. Once, I was this bride.  But now, I charge right in against the Diminuative Bouquet.

Shy brides don't want to be the center of attention.  I understand.  Years ago, I felt like this too.  But I look at my pictures now and wonder why I didn't think about the time when I wasn't going to be so shy or that my daughter in law would look at my tiny bouquet and ask 'why so small'?
Bouquets should be 'to scale'.  If you're just five feet tall, you shouldn't carry a a Palm Tree sized arrangement.  If your six feet tall, a small clutch of chamomile is going to fade into the gown unless you're also wearing it as a necklace and a circlet and a bracelet.

The Solution for Shy Brides?  Carry a 'delicate' bouquet.  An eight inch diameter bouquet doesn't have to look like a bowling ball.  There are crushy looking garden roses, grasses in the summer, berries in the Fall, fragile looking but hardy lisianthus and beautiful foliage.  The bouquet will be light weight but will stand the test of time in your wedding photos.

And you Bold Brides?  Name it and we'll do it!!! (but no Palm Trees, please).

Smallish bouquet of roses and Mokara orchids. (8 ")

Delicate bouquet of hydrangea and peonies. (8")

Garden roses and autumn clemetis.  ( o.k.! 10 ")


Falls Flowers said...

I have to admit, that bouquet of peonies and green hydrangea is my favorite. Do you remember what those garden roses were called??

flwrjane said...

Perfect advice. As you know I had that problem recently with my BFF. Big girl wants small bouquet. Forget about it.

To scale is the perfect size. And if you're really shy you can hide behind it.

xo Jane

Jen said...

I love this concept and your description of "crushy looking garden roses" made me smile.

flowers on my table said...

Top tips and beautiful bouquets! Love Linda x