Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday's Bouquet of the Day

Doing Bridal bouquet mock-ups all this week.  Here' number 1.

Miranda garden roses, clematis, oregano flowers, yarrow, hydrangea, dusty miller.


flwrjane said...

I love the swoop of the clematis. And the oregano flowers, I'm growing those, shall keep them in mind for bridal work.

Very beautiful.

xo Jane

bowstreetflowers said...

Hey Jane! What kind of oregano is that? It dries beautifully after the flowers open. I'd love to grow it. This comes from Cali.

Jen said...

Lovely--and the list of flowers reads like a poem.

Falls Flowers said...

Such a delicious bouquet! Are there dahlias in there too? Miranda is stunning.

How can I get my hands on that clematis for my wedding this weekend??

flowers on my table said...

I love bouquet no.1, and I bet it just smells gorgeous with the oregano flowers? Love Linda x

bowstreetflowers said...

Jen, wish I could write a good flower poem!
Peicha, these are from last week...but some buds bloomed. Kelley has NOTHING this week. Maybe a little 'guerilla' gardening is in order!
Linda, I love this oregano. Jane grows it and it dries beautifully in the Fall!

Alicia said...

you are so tallented! It is beautiful!