Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hot, hot today!  I'm on vacation and safe inside for now and making another Blog post attempt.

Last week's frustration was Queen Anne's Lace or the lack of it in the Flower Market.  Foraging is one of my favorite pastimes and that's what one does when the vendors tell you "it's too hot and wet for it" or
"it's a bad time of year for it".  Really?  So what's that growing along my front fence?  and on the side of the road?  Good news?  It's FREE!

And here's what we needed it for:

The Whittemore Robbins House in Arlington is right next to the Town Hall and is also adjacent to a hidden surprise.  There's a beautiful pool surrounded by perennials with a waterfall tucked into a little wood.  The ceremony was here, reception in a tent and cocktails in the main house.

Gillian's off to New York for the rest of the week.  I'm going to hang out here and finally visit the new American wing at the MFA, try to see Cave of Forgotten Dreams, and put away my winter clothes.


An Urban Cottage said...

I probably shouldn't have told you where my own supply of Queen Anne's Lace was. Just be advised that security cameras have been installed!

What a beautiful setting for a summer wedding. The astilbes played a wonderful supporting role to your perfect summer arrangements.

flwrjane said...

Lovely summer wildflowers in a beautiful setting.

You're in new York? Hope you brought a bikini. For sure it;s summer there!

Have fun.

xo jane

bowstreetflowers said...

They don't call it "Guerrilla Gardening" for nothing. I'm a stealth forager, Steve!

gillian. said...

I you haven't done those 3 things by the time vacation is over, I'm taking away your coconut creamer!!

bowstreetflowers said...


Falls Flowers said...

So full and airy and a delight to look at. I've got a patch of queen Anne growing in the middle of my raspberry bush if you ever need it. ;) Have a wonderful vacay, don't be surprised if I call you tomorrow!