Sunday, July 24, 2011

A wedding among the trees

The venue was in Topsfield, home of the first Agricultural Fair in America.  The fastest way there from Boston is Route 1 north.  At two a.m. Saturday morning, a Tanker truck flipped over and shut down both sides of the highway. Fuel from the truck travelled down a stream and a few miles away, exploded in a neighborhood.  Tragic!   This meant a detour. Actually, it meant a double detour as the second choice was also backed up as a result of the accident.
This is what it looked like on the third option:

We arrived a half hour later than scheduled, but had plenty of time to set up.

This is Willowdale.  We've never done flowers here before.  We loved it!

This is the kitchen wing.  The barbeque was smoking!

The tent was hung with hot pink, orange and lime green lanterns.

The adjacent ceremony site was slowly moving into the shade.

The Bride's Grandmother was from Kansas and wheat and sunflowers were an important element in the design of the flowers.

Craspedia, wheat and grasses for the chairs.

The ceremony pieces were designed with olive, sea star fern, large poppy pods, Dill, fern and wheat.

It was hot, hot, hot and the Bride had chosen hot, hot, hot colors.

One Brave Bridesmaid left the air conditioned house to walk "the walk" in preparation of the ceremony. She graciously posed for a photo.

Didn't bother to crop out our tools and buckets. o. well.  Isn't she pretty!

And then we left.  The clear part of Route 1 and the rolling hills of Topsfield.

A drive past the Fair Grounds. 

Went back today to pick up pedestals.  Thought about the poor truck driver and all the folks affected by the accident on Route 1.  Grateful to be able to enjoy this day.


An Urban Cottage said...

What a vibrant and fresh color scheme. I love the wheat and yellow ball things too.

What a nightmare having to drive north yesterday.

Sprout said...

Oooh! I have my first wedding there in August! Awesome venue, but a long haul from Worcester. :-/

bowstreetflowers said...

So pretty there, Sprout! Start early though, especially if it's a nice day!

flwrjane said...

I love coming over to visit and finding Sprout.

This is a nice community.

Your chair pieces are fab, and the centerpieces like summer in a bowl

Bride looks beautiful despite raging bull heat. Smart dress choice!

See you tomorrow?

xo jane

Falls Flowers said...

oooooh, my favorite summer color palette! such perfect summer centerpieces.

i can only imagine how hot it was out there. we spent the weekend trying to save the shop from a broken a/c unit! at one point i think it read 90 inside. fortunately, all is now well. xop

bowstreetflowers said...

Hey, PC!!! good thing you didn't have rabbits in the shop. OY!

webb said...

It was lovely. Am planning a riff on those colors for Mitchell's birthday party in a few weeks, so it was good to see that it works. thanks.

Shelley said...

Jane - Sprout is the closest florist to me! Actually the bridesmaid, but the bride looked similar in ivory. Both are so petite?

Steve, yeah if we had gone up 93 it would have been a real nightmare..both sides down to two lanes almost to Stoneham. I sure love the North Shore.

Webb, a "riff" .. I LOVE that! Color via music!