Monday, August 29, 2011

We're on our way!

Well, we're squeezing in a 24 hour vacation on Martha's Vineyard. We caught the noon boat. The water is calm, the air is crisp and clear...just like it was on our honeymoon where I froze to death on Lucy Vincent Beach. We were enjoying the beautiful skies and chilled wind left by the outer remnants of hurricane Andrew. I'm hoping for slightly warmer water, but what the hay? I can't think of a better place to get away for an overnight.
More photos later. This is Woods Hole from the boat. Bye bye!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The end of the Summer Brides

August ended upbeat and fun.  We delivered flowers to the Multicultural Arts Center.  It was a small wedding, but the colors were perfect for the space.  These are the Brides' bouquets.

Their centerpieces.

Family style seating which I love.

A hint of the painted iron work.  There's a catwalk around the whole second floor of this railing.

Then there's the absolute sweetest story:  a customer has a friend who was married forty years ago by the Justice of the Peace.  No wedding gown, no bouquet, no reception:  just the two of them which seems to have worked out just fine.

This customer and several of their mutual friends have gathered together to put on a surprise wedding for the couple's anniversary.  We got to make the bouquet.  Our customer brought in a locket with a tiny photo of them when they were married:

And we tied it on with her vintage ribbon.

Lavenders, pinks and white  was the request.   This pretty much made my week.

Vacation is revised.  Think we'll stay home tomorrow and then Monday?  Not sure.  Keeping my fingers crossed that our trees remain standing!

Back on Wednesday, with storm and vacation stories.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Wednesday's Haul

There was finally some excitement at the Market this morning.  Summer flowers are starting to peak and the dahlias get better and better.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Swooning among dahlias

I'm pretty sure dahlias and local zinnias are going to stay at the top of the Hit Parade for the next month, at least.

White zinnias, white dahlias from this weekend's wedding.

Burgundy dahlias, yellow zinnias.

Pink zinnias and sedum.

We're getting ready to head out toward our mini vacance coming up next weekend.  Blossom has his Bordatella and annual exam and is headed for three days of  continuous pestering of other dogs. We're looking forward to those three days without the 4:30 morning wake-up!

In the meantime, a few weddings: one at the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center which is my favorite Boston Venue.

The wedding is small, but I'm taking photos.  This, and other amazing photos are taken by Lisa Rigby.
I don't think I'll do the space justice with my Canon G12.

The last wedding of September is a pick up.  Personal flowers will be taken to the Family Farm on the North Shore.

All in all, a nice ending to the Summer.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Farewell to the Doldrums

The Doldrums of Mid-Summer are coming to an end at the shop.   The Jersey Shore and the Cape are emptying out slowly for school preparation and the phones are ringing again.  We're taking a last little break these next three days.  Gillian going to Truro and I'm working limited hours.

We have a new shop member named Allison who's taking Gillian's place when she leaves in September.
They're going to hold down the Fort the last three days in August when I go to Martha's Vineyard to celebrate our Anniversary. (Joe and I were married there).

Here's a Birthday arrangement from Saturday.  All the pretty roses.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Congratulations to Miss Figgy, and a little bouquet story.

Our Figgy just brought forth her first born!  We delivered it!

And then we ate it!!!  mmmmmmmmmm.   There are seven siblings in various stages of development.  We may be midwives tomorrow too.  Miss Figgy is waving her big leaves proudly.  Thank you Figgy!  Good job.

In October we are providing the flowers for an amazing, yet small wedding on John Lennon's Birthday.  I'm not sure the Bride is aware of this fact, but being a young and stylish girl, she might be up on the birthdays of musical Legends. If she didn't know before this blog, she'll know when she reads it.

She emailed that she didn't want a wrapped-up, cinched-in kind of 'handle' for her bouquet and did I have any ideas.   I did.

In the process of mocking up a bouquet for another bride, I replaced the ribbon with some galax leaves.
And then I wondered if I ever needed to use ribbon again.

The JL Birthday bride isn't getting galax, but her stems will be really pretty, sans ribbon.

On another note, I was playing fetch with Blossom in the backyard, admiring my PeeGee Hydrangea that are green and white right now and I was thinking how much I love it when they're like this, yet I always wait for them to harden off and turn pink or cranberry...and it never does it beautifully because of all the rain in the Fall. So I plucked some tiny baby blossoms and used them in the mock up.

I think they accent the David Austin Patience rose very nicely!

Friday, August 5, 2011

'with your red dress on'.

We're sort of 'distressed' central here at Bow Street Flowers: in terms of furniture and accessories that is.
We added an old red easel last Spring and we liked the bit of 'pop' it added to the shop.  When we decided to paint our old but very sturdy stool, we pondered the effect from this:

and this:

to this:

and this:

...and obviously went forward with red. Petals seems to approve.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer flowers and a little tip about cutting hydrangeas

The Amazing Dahlias have begun to arrive early this year, along with the Perfectly Good Dahlias.
The amazing ones are grown by a hobbyiest whose neighbor harvests for him and brings them to Market.  Otherwise, they would live and die in obscurity.

So pretty and it just keeps getting better and better right through October!

A little lesson:

HYDRANGEA: from the Greek 'hudor' meaning 'water' and 'angeion' meaning vessel

Wary hydrangea lovers eye our local selection and tell sad stories about how the flowers they've cut at home wilted right away.  So, here's a nearly fool-proof way to enjoy this year's bumper crop from your own yard: as the above definition implies, the secret is WATER and lots of it.  Take a tall, full bucket out to the shrub. Cut the stems of the hydrangea and drop them immediately into the water.  When it comes time to put them in a vase, fill the vase to the very top and add your stems.  Keep that water level high. Also, as the month of August goes by, the Nikko Blue begins to harden off a little, which makes it hardier.  By late September, Hydrangea is ready to pluck and dry, or put it in a vase of water and let it dry there.

What else is new?

We brought in a Lot of old bottles and jars.  One still had old Canadian Whiskey in it that somehow turned into a gel. We discarded that one.

And I'm a sucker for old figurines.  I think I'm pretty discerning, but not all would agree.

The following photo doesn't really need a caption.