Friday, August 12, 2011

Congratulations to Miss Figgy, and a little bouquet story.

Our Figgy just brought forth her first born!  We delivered it!

And then we ate it!!!  mmmmmmmmmm.   There are seven siblings in various stages of development.  We may be midwives tomorrow too.  Miss Figgy is waving her big leaves proudly.  Thank you Figgy!  Good job.

In October we are providing the flowers for an amazing, yet small wedding on John Lennon's Birthday.  I'm not sure the Bride is aware of this fact, but being a young and stylish girl, she might be up on the birthdays of musical Legends. If she didn't know before this blog, she'll know when she reads it.

She emailed that she didn't want a wrapped-up, cinched-in kind of 'handle' for her bouquet and did I have any ideas.   I did.

In the process of mocking up a bouquet for another bride, I replaced the ribbon with some galax leaves.
And then I wondered if I ever needed to use ribbon again.

The JL Birthday bride isn't getting galax, but her stems will be really pretty, sans ribbon.

On another note, I was playing fetch with Blossom in the backyard, admiring my PeeGee Hydrangea that are green and white right now and I was thinking how much I love it when they're like this, yet I always wait for them to harden off and turn pink or cranberry...and it never does it beautifully because of all the rain in the Fall. So I plucked some tiny baby blossoms and used them in the mock up.

I think they accent the David Austin Patience rose very nicely!


An Urban Cottage said...

Congratulations on your baby! Where do you keep the fig in winter?

I was just admiring my aging Endless Summers and VERY pleasantly surprised to see them looking like the blue beauty from Holland I got at your shop several weeks ago. Only perhaps better. Perhaps I'll pluck and shoot a few over the weekend.

Is that thyme in the arrangement too?

Bow Street Flowers said...

If you come tomorrow, you might enjoy a third of our next harvest!!
No thyme.. just grasses.

flwrjane said...

Lovely fig and oh that rose.

You two are v. lucky, know what's in my yard? Weeds.

I'd move up and join you but for the winters...

xo Jane

flowers on my table said...

Oh just look at that fig! You must be so proud? I woulsd love to grow figs, but it's too bloomin' cold here! Your flowers are lovely. love the galax leaves instead of ribbon. Have a great weekend, love Linda x

bowstreetflowers said...

Jane! Hydrangeas are easy shrubs. I don't have a white iris in MY garden!

Linda, we bring Miss Figgy in during the winter..she loses her leaves and hibernates until the Spring.

Anne Paterson's Flower said...

That fig looks so good! Just last night I had a fig, dark rum, creme brulee! It was sooo devine...the fig did not come out of my garden tho. I hava a little fig envy~ Have a fabulous week.

Elli :)