Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Summer flowers and a little tip about cutting hydrangeas

The Amazing Dahlias have begun to arrive early this year, along with the Perfectly Good Dahlias.
The amazing ones are grown by a hobbyiest whose neighbor harvests for him and brings them to Market.  Otherwise, they would live and die in obscurity.

So pretty and it just keeps getting better and better right through October!

A little lesson:

HYDRANGEA: from the Greek 'hudor' meaning 'water' and 'angeion' meaning vessel

Wary hydrangea lovers eye our local selection and tell sad stories about how the flowers they've cut at home wilted right away.  So, here's a nearly fool-proof way to enjoy this year's bumper crop from your own yard: as the above definition implies, the secret is WATER and lots of it.  Take a tall, full bucket out to the shrub. Cut the stems of the hydrangea and drop them immediately into the water.  When it comes time to put them in a vase, fill the vase to the very top and add your stems.  Keep that water level high. Also, as the month of August goes by, the Nikko Blue begins to harden off a little, which makes it hardier.  By late September, Hydrangea is ready to pluck and dry, or put it in a vase of water and let it dry there.

What else is new?

We brought in a Lot of old bottles and jars.  One still had old Canadian Whiskey in it that somehow turned into a gel. We discarded that one.

And I'm a sucker for old figurines.  I think I'm pretty discerning, but not all would agree.

The following photo doesn't really need a caption.


Sherri B. said...

How cute...naughty bunnies, hahahaha!

An Urban Cottage said...

Does the hobbyist know that the neighbor is harvesting the dahlias? And would you be that neighbor?

Love the ass figurine and the bunnies always delight!

Bow Street Flowers said...

Sherri, I could have a rabbit blog... Might be an idea.
Steve, the grower is in Connecticut... If only it were me! And yes, she has his blessing! Glad you love the donkey/ass. He's a salt or pepper shaker. Let's imagine what his partner looked like! I'm going for a calico dress and dew rag!

Jen said...

Thanks for the tip. Love your bunnies

me melodia said...

I love the amazing dahlias.
I also love those old vessels. I'm crazy about medical apothecary jars and medical vessels.
So pretty.

flwrjane said...

Good morning! I need some of the amazing dahlias for my wedding this weekend.

I have the pretty but ordinary ones. Now I know how to order them properly.

Love the bottles. And the bun bun... goes without saying:)

xo Jane

Jackie said...

The hydrangeas are so beautiful - I love the shades of blue. Really enjoy visiting your blog too!

Bow Street Flowers said...

Jackie, thanks for visiting!