Monday, August 22, 2011

Swooning among dahlias

I'm pretty sure dahlias and local zinnias are going to stay at the top of the Hit Parade for the next month, at least.

White zinnias, white dahlias from this weekend's wedding.

Burgundy dahlias, yellow zinnias.

Pink zinnias and sedum.

We're getting ready to head out toward our mini vacance coming up next weekend.  Blossom has his Bordatella and annual exam and is headed for three days of  continuous pestering of other dogs. We're looking forward to those three days without the 4:30 morning wake-up!

In the meantime, a few weddings: one at the Cambridge Multicultural Arts Center which is my favorite Boston Venue.

The wedding is small, but I'm taking photos.  This, and other amazing photos are taken by Lisa Rigby.
I don't think I'll do the space justice with my Canon G12.

The last wedding of September is a pick up.  Personal flowers will be taken to the Family Farm on the North Shore.

All in all, a nice ending to the Summer.


An Urban Cottage said...

I love the zinnias with the sedum. There's an anticipation of the sedum's pinkness.

I can't get over how beautiful that arts center is. Maybe one day I'll have a party there...for something.

bowstreetflowers said...

I bought up a ton of the green sedum. Next week it will start getting rosy and won't go well with everything. Good news is that it lasts a long time.
Yes, CMAC reminds me a bit of San Francisco City Hall. It's like finding a forgotten treasure.

Jen said...

Love that wedding bouquet--blue and white flowers just make me swoon. I'm not a dahlia fan, but zinnias have really grown on me. I buy big bunches of them at the farmers market and like the way the warm colors merge.

bowstreetflowers said...

Jen, zinnias rock! My favorite Martha's Vineyard bouquets are zinnias, dahlias and cosmos!

webb said...

Always thought zinnias were for children - don't know why, just did. But you are turning my head. Definitely need to plant some for next summer. Thanks, and have a great little time off.

flwrjane said...

So nice to see some lovely bouquets. I've been in your neck of the woods since Monday evening and am loving the light and the breezes. And the food:)

Um, something about a hurricane???

xo jane

Bow Street Flowers said...

Hi Webb, yes, that's the charm of zinnias. They come in great Crayola colors!
Jane! thought you'd be incommunicado during your own vacance. Are you missing the fleurs?