Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11, ZuZu Figs and Fall

My husband Joe left the house very early to help plant 3000 little flags around the Bunker Hill Monument. His slacker wife watched the ceremony at Ground Zero on tv in her pajamas, noting, as she drank her coffee that the sky out the living room window was eerily the same color blue as it was on that Tuesday morning ten years ago.
 I remember thinking, as we watched the news that morning, right after the first plane went into the Tower, that Katie Couric was doing a horrible job at reporting the event.  And then I realized that her children were probably somewhere in Manhatten.  Lord.

The sky is no longer blue this afternoon.  Clouding up and I heard there would be thunderstorms tonight.  A little more summer headed our way this week.  Steve's flowers around An Urban Cottage will be happy.

I need to pick up ZuZu at the crack of dawn and get her to her Vet in Littleton.  It's a forty minute trip from the shop, but she has to be there by 8:30 to have a growth removed from her shoulder.  The reason for the growth is inconclusive, but it has to come off and be biopsied. She's been a trooper, mostly.

Janet at The Gardener's Cottage displayed her lovely bowl of white figs last week and made me homesick for the fig harvest in California.  On Thursday, a plant vendor at our flower market had several bowls of figs for FREEEE from his trees at the nursery.  I was pretty greedy.  Aren't they beautiful?

I've been eating them with organic yogurt on my home made olive oil and orange granola with a little bit of maple syrup.  Kind of beats blueberries out of my pantheon of most favorite fruits ( or berries).

Tomorrow I'll get Fall started at the shop.  Take down those tired purple million bells hangers, replant the big pot with grasses and peppers and drag up the wheat from the basement. There are already pumpkins and crazy gourds at the flower market!


Kristina said...

Poor ZuZu! I'm sending loving vibes her way.

Steph has threatened to ban me from Whole Foods because every time I go, I come home with more figs. I might have to try your concoction.

Miss you guys so much! Update coming soon...

Bow Street Flowers said...

Figs is the word, Steph! a season too short!

gillian. said...

Email me after zuzu's appt.
My beautiful wild sagey planter will be gone?!! I guess it is fall....!

flwrjane said...

Oh what a beautiful morning here in the Commonwealth.

I will now step out the back door and see if i can pick a ripe fig or two for breakfast.

I'm afraid they might be a victim of the eternal deluge.

best wishes for the bun bun.

xo Jane

webb said...

Hope ZuZu is fine. Made some fig jam last week -haven't tried it yet, but it is a beautiful color!

flowers on my table said...

Oh I'm sure you are not a slacker in the slightest. It must have been very moving , all the 9/11 memories. I listened to some coverage on the radio. Your picture of figs looks like a still life, it's wonderful! I hope Zuzu makes a speedy recovery, you'll have to feed her some figs! Love Linda x

Falls Flowers said...

*LOVE* & kisses to Zuzu! We're working on the window display this week...partial fall. Trying to hold off on the gourds for another few weeks.

Shelley said...

Oh Jane, you fig grower you! If that tree is still standing, I'll bet you find a fig or two!
Thanks, Webb. But how can you NOT eat that jam? Once you open the jar, I'm betting it won't last long.
Linda! It never occured to me to offer figs to the rabbits. I'm taking some in tomorrow.
Make Peicha, if I wait too long, I think the good gourds will be gone.
Zuzu's recovering in her own cage next to her plump girlfriend.