Monday, October 31, 2011

and the Winner is.....

The winner of this week's Poetry Quiz is Lysser6.  Please email your address please so that we can bring you your beautiful arrangement!

Flowers in the house

I confess I have an undeveloped sense of Halloween fun.  I'm in awe of those Pumpkin Heads who love it more than Christmas. (my  recent driver, Ryan)  The first Halloween I worked in a flower shop, it was required that I wear a costume.  I balked, I resisted, I clenched my teeth. I was a Gypsy. Yes, I kind of got into it by the end of the day, but as soon as that red petticoat came off  when I went home, I was relieved.

I like helping customers achieve their Halloween visions.  We made a bouquet for the Bride of Dracula, and a wrist corsage for "Carrie".  I think I'm probably missing a great marketing opportunity with Halloween. O. Well.

Yesterday I dug into an old box to find a little creepiness for Jane's Flowers in the House Party.  Jane, I salute you today and every day hereafter. You are my hero!

Happy Halloween!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Monday Poetry Quiz and Flower Prize

Peonies come in as local Dahlias sing farewell until next year. Tomorrow's Flower Prize will be a pretty fall arrangement designed around a coral peony.  Get out your Norton Anthologies or warm up Google. Here is this week's line.  Name the poem and the poet.
"What does not change/is the will to change"

Good luck!

Friday, October 28, 2011

What I learned when I had the flu

#1. Don't try to organize a contest with a temperature of 102.5
#2. Don't try to organize a contest with a temperature of 102.5.

Now that the flu has left with its fever, I believe I can organize a contest where EVERYONE has a chance to win flowers on Monday. I'm calling it the Poetry Quiz Flower Prize. This time and every time hereafter, I, and I alone will secretly choose the winning number.

On Sunday I'll post the lines from another poem.

Meanwhile, pop over to a new blog I've found and see what you can find on the beach in Eastport, Maine!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

free flowers!

We're giving away a pretty arrangment on Monday.  Last week's Newsletter giveaway was fun, albeit wrenching: everyone had a good reason for needing flowers. It was hard to choose.

This week, the giveaway will be a bit more random.

I'll give a line from a poem. The third person to tell me what poem it's from, and the name of the poet will win the flowers.

If you're in the UK or New Zealand or Spain, and you know someone who lives in Boston who would like to receive flowers, pipe in!

The delivery must be within the Boston Metro Area.

" I grow old... I grow old.
 I shall wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled".  

Good luck!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Seven or so years ago,

a young woman came into our old shop to ask if she could come in on her day off and help us out.  This has happened on occasion. Usually it's a sweet person imagining their life among beauty and flowers without a clue about the dark underside, described very well by Jane over at Small But Charming recently.
I was that person once, years ago when I was eighteen.  I was working in San Francisco's Financial District on Montgomery Street. Down the block was a Podesta Baldocchi saltellite shop where I spent a lot of my meager earnings.  I inquired one lunch time about working there.  " this business is dirty, cold, hot and hard". I was easily discouraged by this. I cowered back to my little desk in the Risk Experience department of Kemper Insurance, disheartened and waited eighteen more years before I asked again and  someone risked my inexperience.

The young woman who came into my shop had no illusions. I took her on, she became my full time assistant and she now owns her own flower shop in Philadelphia called Falls Flowers.  Miss Peicha, thank you for popping in seven years ago!

My new staff is coming along nicely.  Their strengths are more apparent and I've begun to relax a bit and rely on their individual talents.  But I needed a little more help, so I thought about another internship.
To my surprise, a lot of wonderful young women applied. I had to choose two.  It was hard.  But we've welcomed Katy and Marisa on board at least through the end of the year.

On another note, I'd been taking photos and there was a dreamy fog on all of them.  I couldn't figure it out. So I checked my lense and somehow there was a smudge on it. How it got there, I do not know.
My lense shuts tight when I'm not using it. But I am a messy sort.  Here's a sample of my frustration.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Can we rethink Gypsophelia?

I was asked by The Somerville Home to donate two centerpieces with a 70's theme.  Flower Power.
Honestly, I had to do a little research (not because I wasn't THERE)  and what I came up with was kind of disheartening.  But, hey, it was a donation and if I couldn't strut my stuff, well I was donating to a worthy cause.

Baby's Breath was wildly popular in the 70's.  And Daisies.  There you are.  Easy and fast.  But wait.

I went to one vendor this morning who had daisy plants (no marguerites in the market) and I grabbed  some Gypsophelia, and headed for the shop.  I'm not a BBB connoisseur..gyp is gyp.  But this bunch was so pretty I began to rethink my predjudice.  What if I didn't use it with anything.  Just sold bunches of it.  Could I find it again with tiny buds?


No, you say?  hmmm. It's kind of breaking my heart it's so tender.  Now what?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I need a photographer

to tuck in my bag when I set up weddings.  Sunday's set up was long and intense, but it was a success.
Jeffrey of JMVisuals was there from New York, working quickly and brilliantly to set up props the bride had shipped to the Audobon Society's Habitat in Belmont. It was great to be a bit under someone else's direction.  We tried to take photos.  I'll share what I have.

The first one is in the shop early Sunday morning.

This is Melody's container.

They wanted a half chuppah.  She sent me a photo.

We made it similar, but with her Juliet roses and olive and fiddlehead fern.  Jeffrey suggested the wild rose hips wound around the poles.

I have one good photo of the interior of the Habitat.  Jeffrey decorated the shelf with cattle skulls and
other natural 'found' objects: the wasps nest is ours.

Gillian took lots of photos of the  mantles.

This was the interior of a curio case brought by the bride.

Thankfully, the Photographers at Avenna Studios are going to share their photos in a few months.

Moving on to the details of the next wedding at the Harvard Club that I'm also looking forward to!

Monday, October 3, 2011

The silver haul

Silver pieces for Sunday's wedding.  Can't wait to get started!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

and away we go!

Saturday launched  the Fall wedding Season.  One wedding started off with a ceremony at Larz Anderson Park on the slope of a hill.  The aisle was an alle of trees leading up to a stairway to a small terrace attached to nothing.  Showers were forecast. The bride was adamant that she would be married outdoors in this lovely spot.  According to the Park Ranger this morning when I went to take down the tree decorations, the sun burst forth just as the ceremony started.  It was pouring an hour later.

Then, a small wedding at the Cambridge Brewing Company.  That's where the couple met and it was a perfect venue for them.  She asked for a wildflower bouquet in peach, yellow and light orange.

Gillian came  back to help.  Still wobbly with the new staff and the scheduling; so grateful... that's GRATEFUL for her help.  Her plate is full now with an internship at the MFA, studying for the GRE and choosing Graduate programs.

I went to Maine last week to find silver containers for a magical wedding we're doing next Sunday. You'd think I'd photograph the plants at Snug Harbor in Kennebunkport, but no:  the dog and the birds.

 And today, I was at the Cambridge Antique Market to find the last pieces for said wedding.  I'm all set now.  Just waiting for the gorgeous ribbon to arrive.