Sunday, October 2, 2011

and away we go!

Saturday launched  the Fall wedding Season.  One wedding started off with a ceremony at Larz Anderson Park on the slope of a hill.  The aisle was an alle of trees leading up to a stairway to a small terrace attached to nothing.  Showers were forecast. The bride was adamant that she would be married outdoors in this lovely spot.  According to the Park Ranger this morning when I went to take down the tree decorations, the sun burst forth just as the ceremony started.  It was pouring an hour later.

Then, a small wedding at the Cambridge Brewing Company.  That's where the couple met and it was a perfect venue for them.  She asked for a wildflower bouquet in peach, yellow and light orange.

Gillian came  back to help.  Still wobbly with the new staff and the scheduling; so grateful... that's GRATEFUL for her help.  Her plate is full now with an internship at the MFA, studying for the GRE and choosing Graduate programs.

I went to Maine last week to find silver containers for a magical wedding we're doing next Sunday. You'd think I'd photograph the plants at Snug Harbor in Kennebunkport, but no:  the dog and the birds.

 And today, I was at the Cambridge Antique Market to find the last pieces for said wedding.  I'm all set now.  Just waiting for the gorgeous ribbon to arrive.


flwrjane said...

That is one drop dead bouquet.

And I love the tree wrap.

God, weddings.

I mean yay, weddings!

xo Jane

marlowe said...


Bow Street Flowers said...

Thanks, Jane! " God, weddings" is just about it. Looking forward to knee surgery at the end of December. That hill was a killer!

Miss Marlowe - more kisses!

An Urban Cottage said...

Agree. The wrapped trees are very sweet. Were guests seated up on the terrace? What a great setting!

Falls Flowers said...

LOVE the tree wraps. Will probably steal that for one of our May weddings. :D And what Jane said, that bouquet is seriously drop dead! Miss you.

Bow Street Flowers said...

Steve - have no idea where the guests were going to be. Some guy with a cane was being transported down the hill in a golf cart.. it was all slope except for on the 'terrace'. Maybe they all gathered there?

Ma'me Peicha - steal away!xoxo

Kristina said...

Beautiful flowers and wonderful news about Gillian! Congrats on the MFA internship!

gillian. said...

Kristina- I'm going to write you an email back!
If only there had been grazing animals at the park everything would have been perfect.