Sunday, October 30, 2011

Monday Poetry Quiz and Flower Prize

Peonies come in as local Dahlias sing farewell until next year. Tomorrow's Flower Prize will be a pretty fall arrangement designed around a coral peony.  Get out your Norton Anthologies or warm up Google. Here is this week's line.  Name the poem and the poet.
"What does not change/is the will to change"

Good luck!


An Urban Cottage said...

President Obama!

Elizabeth Bathurst said...

"And, as they are fed and grow, this nest of excrement and decayed fish becomes / a dripping, fetid mass"

The Kingfishers, by Charles Olson

flowers on my table said...

Sorry, I don't know the answer! Shelley, you can come and sit in my kitchen anytime you like! The Swedish blinds are the most simple of all blinds or curtains.It's just 2 rectangles of fabric sewn together, with tape or ribbon sewn in 2 places at the top. You simply roll it up to the height you want and tie the tape. I also make a little pocket at the bottom and insert a bamboo stick, this keeps the blind from sagging when you roll it up. It is great for windows where you don't need privacy, as it is a little bit of a palaver to roll it up and down every day. You can however in specialised shops get little plastic rings which you put in the corners and thread your tape through and this lets you slide it up and down easily. I hope this makes sense? Happy Halloween, love Linda x

Lysser6 said...

I had never read The Kingfishers before but I loved it. Thanks for sharing!