Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Seven or so years ago,

a young woman came into our old shop to ask if she could come in on her day off and help us out.  This has happened on occasion. Usually it's a sweet person imagining their life among beauty and flowers without a clue about the dark underside, described very well by Jane over at Small But Charming recently.
I was that person once, years ago when I was eighteen.  I was working in San Francisco's Financial District on Montgomery Street. Down the block was a Podesta Baldocchi saltellite shop where I spent a lot of my meager earnings.  I inquired one lunch time about working there.  " this business is dirty, cold, hot and hard". I was easily discouraged by this. I cowered back to my little desk in the Risk Experience department of Kemper Insurance, disheartened and waited eighteen more years before I asked again and  someone risked my inexperience.

The young woman who came into my shop had no illusions. I took her on, she became my full time assistant and she now owns her own flower shop in Philadelphia called Falls Flowers.  Miss Peicha, thank you for popping in seven years ago!

My new staff is coming along nicely.  Their strengths are more apparent and I've begun to relax a bit and rely on their individual talents.  But I needed a little more help, so I thought about another internship.
To my surprise, a lot of wonderful young women applied. I had to choose two.  It was hard.  But we've welcomed Katy and Marisa on board at least through the end of the year.

On another note, I'd been taking photos and there was a dreamy fog on all of them.  I couldn't figure it out. So I checked my lense and somehow there was a smudge on it. How it got there, I do not know.
My lense shuts tight when I'm not using it. But I am a messy sort.  Here's a sample of my frustration.


marlowe said...

Ah, Shelley, smudges may be the start of a whole new photographic trend...
Looking forward to delivering your little sheep soon!

An Urban Cottage said...

What a great success story. Hers and yours.

I love the dreamy fog. It's pleasant. I would keep keep the smudge and just buy a new camera for when you don't want it. Can you make your photos any larger?

Shelley had a little lamb...

Bow Street Flowers said...

Marlowe! Baaaa baaaa!
Steve- Are you being ironic? Should I make them bigger?

An Urban Cottage said...

No irony. Your photos are great but I need to raise my monocle to see them.

Bow Street Flowers said...

Steve- hmm. How about the font? I'd everything small?

Bow Street Flowers said...

That's IS everything small?

gillian. said...

the font is fine, but the photos are a little smaller. i feel like they might have gotten smaller recently- or has it always been that way.

steve- you and your monocle!

helen tilston said...

That is a lovely story on how you started your career in a flower shop.
Wishing you continued success
I love the arrangement you featured

Sharon Parker said...

I rather like the fog, too. And what a gorgeous bouquet; it would shine through anything.

I did click on the photo to get a better look. The original is plenty big, but I think Blogger's default size for posting them is a little small. I always change mine to "large."

Bow Street Flowers said...

Thanks Sharon! I'll try that.
Steve, you can take your glasses off now!
Helen, thank you!

Falls Flowers said...

How far we've come! That days seems like so many lifetimes ago, but I still remember it so clearly. Thanks for taking me under your wing. I wouldn't have gone out on my own without having had such an incredible mentor. Honestly, you're always in the back of my mind telling me what to do. WWSD? That's my motto. :D

Love and miss you so much!