Friday, November 25, 2011

It begins

This is the first year I've closed on Black Friday.  Our spare room is occupied by coming and going in-laws who are here visiting us and other relatives for the holiday, so the extra day was a welcome respite.  Besides, my new and long awaited stove was delivered today and I'm savoring this time I have to make Madeleines for its Maiden Baking.

Once again we are organizing a Giveaway of flowers on Monday.  Since we haven't had much of a turnout for the previous attempts, I've had Robin at Fyfe Design make a big, hot pink poster to hang in the window of the shop to encourage our walk-in customers to log onto the Blog and take a chance at having a beautiful arrangement delivered to their door on Monday.

The rules are simple: leave a comment this weekend saying why you would love to have free flowers and I'll choose someone randomly on Monday.

The Holidays begin tomorrow at the Shop.  Here are some sweet gifts to consider if you drop by.

Tall, white beeswax tapers, natural tealights and votives.

These rose petal soaps from Indian Queen in Philadelphia have full petals and gold powder through them. Saipua soaps too.

Piglets from Tilla and...

sheep and...


Now, let the holidays begin!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Boston Public Library

Photos from the wedding last weekend at the Boston Public Library.  So many tables! The ceremony was across the street at Trinity Church.  Piles of white flowers delivered to the church early in the morning.  Only the Flower Guild designs their big urns.  Hands off florists!!!!  Must say, though, the urns there are three feet wide and quite a challenge.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Violet's day out and the winner of the flower giveaway

is Marlowe, who will be picking up her flowers tomorrow.  Congratulations!!

Violet took her day out to graze on the rose leaves and other safe morsels dropped onto the floor.  She took a few naps, but settled awake for an hour or so in a leftover rose box.  All the rabbits have finished molting for the year, so they don't look like refugees anymore.


Last year, she was pretty badly beaten up by Georgette when she trespassed into her house one night, and was in the hospital for several days.  It took almost a year for her hair to grow back and she lost a lot of weight and her usual spark.  She's now gained her weight back (and some! see how she spreads out against the box) and has recovered from the trauma.  She's looking pretty great!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Late post for Monday Flower Prize Day

Two big weddings and a Sunday break-down put me a little behind for the Monday Flower Prize which is now a giveaway.
This week, just say why you should win a beautiful arrangement and I'll randomly choose a winner.

Something similar to this arrangement could be yours!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

wedding apogee

This weekend was the highlight of the Fall wedding season.

Friday's wedding was at the Boston Public Library.

Our friend Andy Ryan came to take photos which I'll post later this week.

Saturday's wedding was at The Harvard Club in Boston.  We began putting the chuppah together that morning outside the shop.

Hawthorn berries provided color to the birch.  My Intern, Marisa spent an hour cutting every ugly leaf off of the branches.

In the early afternoon, we delivered and set up the chuppah with a cross piece of olive leaves and wild
rose hips.  Later, when we delivered the centerpieces, we added sheet moss to the containers.

Andy Ryan has been a friend to Bow Street Flowers since I bought the shop eight years ago.  He is a sought after photographer who travels all over the world photographing architecture, food, famous actors and for us, flowers.   I am blessed to know him.  He volunteered to come to the Boston Public Library and to the Harvard Club.  He brings his clever, creative son Jack on some of his shoots and always does his best to show off the work we do.  Thank you Andy.  We love you!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Today's Flower Prize winner is

Jill!  Please send me contact information, Jill and we'll send you some beautiful flowers today!

Friday, November 4, 2011

House party flowers and Monday's Flower Prize

We've changed up the Flower Prize rules to require that you enter with a single line of a poem you know.
The winner on Monday will be chosen randomly.

We did flowers for a house party in Boston today.  I really can't decide if I love Fall or Spring the most.  Autumn colors are luminous.  Glad I don't have to choose!

Peonies coming in strong and a bit more affordable than last year's Chilean offering. Amaryllis, Ilex berry. Dutch hydrangea that almost broke the bank!!

Next weekend two big and beautiful weddings: one at the Boston Public Library and the other at the Harvard Club.  The Mother of the Harvard Club bride has been a real partner in planning.  She's charming and detail oriented and very helpful, and I can't wait to make her and her daughter's vision materialize.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

copper mecury glass

These little mercury glass vases are hand blown and are perfect for this time of year. They slightly resemble gourds and the reflection of the copper is warm and seasonal.

An update on the Poetry Quiz:  I randomly selected an answer from Monday.  I contacted the winner who emailed to say that she saw another person's answer, looked up the poem and enjoyed reading it, but hadn't guessed it herself, so I should send flowers to the person who answered correctly AND who entered a pretty long quote from the poem. Wow.  And so we did.  Nice story, huh?