Wednesday, November 2, 2011

copper mecury glass

These little mercury glass vases are hand blown and are perfect for this time of year. They slightly resemble gourds and the reflection of the copper is warm and seasonal.

An update on the Poetry Quiz:  I randomly selected an answer from Monday.  I contacted the winner who emailed to say that she saw another person's answer, looked up the poem and enjoyed reading it, but hadn't guessed it herself, so I should send flowers to the person who answered correctly AND who entered a pretty long quote from the poem. Wow.  And so we did.  Nice story, huh?


An Urban Cottage said...

What a nice person!

Love the copper color.

flowers on my table said...

Lovely story, lovely vase! Love Linda x

flwrjane said...

Hello , Can't remember what i was going to say here, but I'm happy to be here.

loving that vase.

xo Jane

Bow Street Flowers said...

Yup. The recipient of the flowers was surprised and pleased.

Thank you Linda!

Jane, so pleased to see you here!!! As usual.

helen tilston said...

That is a beautiful arrangment

Sharon Parker said...

What a lovely vase and a beautiful arrangement.

My Grama's Soul said...

I always love stumbling on a floral blog. Came over from small but charming.

Am hooked!


Bow Street Flowers said...

Helen and Sharon, thank you!!
Jo, thanks for following! Welcome.

webb said...

The nicest people read your blog ... obviously!

Bow Street Flowers said...

And you are definitely one of them Webb!