Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Violet's day out and the winner of the flower giveaway

is Marlowe, who will be picking up her flowers tomorrow.  Congratulations!!

Violet took her day out to graze on the rose leaves and other safe morsels dropped onto the floor.  She took a few naps, but settled awake for an hour or so in a leftover rose box.  All the rabbits have finished molting for the year, so they don't look like refugees anymore.


Last year, she was pretty badly beaten up by Georgette when she trespassed into her house one night, and was in the hospital for several days.  It took almost a year for her hair to grow back and she lost a lot of weight and her usual spark.  She's now gained her weight back (and some! see how she spreads out against the box) and has recovered from the trauma.  She's looking pretty great!


marlowe said...

And Miss Violet looks just rosey.

An Urban Cottage said...

Very cute! What a beautiful coat.

webb said...

I love the way she lines her feet up together! too cute.

Kristina said...

Violet, you are looking so smashing!

flowers on my table said...

Oh she's just gorgeous and well loved! Have a great weekend. love Linda x

Bow Street Flowers said...

Kristina! waiting for news on the 'face to face'! Still missing you.
Linda - thank you!
Webb - I love that too. So prissy.
Marlowe - Baaaaa xo
Steve - next time you come in, give her a stroke or two.

gillian. said...

wanna kiss that nose! especially in the first one!