Sunday, November 13, 2011

wedding apogee

This weekend was the highlight of the Fall wedding season.

Friday's wedding was at the Boston Public Library.

Our friend Andy Ryan came to take photos which I'll post later this week.

Saturday's wedding was at The Harvard Club in Boston.  We began putting the chuppah together that morning outside the shop.

Hawthorn berries provided color to the birch.  My Intern, Marisa spent an hour cutting every ugly leaf off of the branches.

In the early afternoon, we delivered and set up the chuppah with a cross piece of olive leaves and wild
rose hips.  Later, when we delivered the centerpieces, we added sheet moss to the containers.

Andy Ryan has been a friend to Bow Street Flowers since I bought the shop eight years ago.  He is a sought after photographer who travels all over the world photographing architecture, food, famous actors and for us, flowers.   I am blessed to know him.  He volunteered to come to the Boston Public Library and to the Harvard Club.  He brings his clever, creative son Jack on some of his shoots and always does his best to show off the work we do.  Thank you Andy.  We love you!


An Urban Cottage said...

Two amazing venues. They must have been beautiful.

How awesome Andy was available to document them for you. Can't wait to see his images.

flwrjane said...

See, nice begets nice.

Looking forward to some bigger shots of your beautiful work.

night night.
xo jane

marlowe said...

Ohhh, I'm so excited to see all the photos! Bravo.

webb said...

What a pretty chuppa! You do such pretty and innovative work. I love seeing your weddings.