Monday, December 12, 2011

Flowers in the house

Well, I did in fact remember to bring my little tree home and had every intention of decorating it last night, but could only muster a set-up in its little water stand.  A few mantle animals jumped in, though to save the day so that I could have something other than fir tree to share for Jane's Flowers in the House.

Maybe I'll bring out some more animal friends tonight and light them up.


flwrjane said...

Is that a little mouse? Cute.

Do you have a little ass too?

Or do I mean donkey....

Hap, hap, hap Christmas.

Are you off today?

xo Jane

An Urban Cottage said...

I should have helped you tie the tree to the roof of your car!

The little patinaed mouse is cute as a button.

Bow Street Flowers said...

Jane. No, not a little ass.
Steve. I did struggle to get the tree through the door.

Jen said...

I love your little animal friends! Hope to see more.

Bow Street Flowers said...

Hi Jen! Working on the mantle and tree animals tonight!