Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Katzenjammer kids

Rabbits love to burrow.  The problem at Bow Street is that wherever one burrows, all others follow during their time out and "marking' the territory as their own causes obvious problems for us.

We have chicken wire around the legs of one table and we've stuffed yards of cardboard beneath our counter to keep the rabbits out.

Ever eager to enlarge their territory, Georgette and ZuZu team up during their turn out, devising plans to push the boundaries we've provided for US!  Yesterday they were pretty successful:

Making plans:
ZuZu breaks ground:

She needs some muscle though: notice how the cardboard is becoming more visible.

ZuZu takes a  turn.

ZuZu broke through further down the counter.


Done for the day.


flwrjane said...

Bunnies are funnies.

But you knew that.

xo J.

An Urban Cottage said...

Very cute though.

Who got down on the floor to take the photo?

Jen said...

So sweet and funny. The pictures are just perfect. I really think it could be a children's book: The Flower Shop Rabbits. I know there's one about a bookstore cat.

Bow Street Flowers said...

Jane, it's hard to avoid the cute factor.
Steve, Sarah got the floor shot..my favorite.
Jen, have you seen Marshmallow? Cat and a baby bunny.

helen tilston said...

The are beautiful healthy looking rabbits and no doubt give much amusement.
Helen xx

Jen said...

Yes, I love Marshmallow!!! Haven't thought about it in years. I can picture the book--grey cover with white bunny, But I'm going to keep nudging you about The Flower Shop Rabbits.

marlowe said...

Ha! I love it!!

rachel said...

I know nothing about rabbits, but oh, how I would love to learn with a couple of my own! Yours are so lovely.

I wonder what the cats would think.....