Sunday, December 4, 2011

Open Sundays in December

One would think that a quiet Sunday afternoon at the shop by myself would allow ample time for blogging, but here I am, stealing ten minutes from the pile of wire out orders, wedding proposals, sample holiday amaryllis photos emailed to a corporation for approval and tweaking the Holiday display the way I want it and o. the chandelier is so dusty and dirty but can't get up there without help.

The Giveaway this week is a tall white amaryllis dressed up in a burnished square container with birch and baby gold pinecones, mossed and ready to go.   Leave a comment if you would like it delivered within the Boston Metro area.

And I do believe we're ready for Christmas.

Now back to the scheduled progam


An Urban Cottage said...

Oh, Chandelier; oh, Chandelier,

How dusty are thy crystals.

(Come on, sign along.)

Can't believe you're open seven days a week. That's brutal. I'm thinking about taking a day off just to get some things done.

Jen said...

The elephant, the whale, so many cute critters! Hope you are able to get a good rest after the holidays.

flwrjane said...

So good, Steve is going to take a day off and come help you?

I guess I could donate next Monday....will work for elephant.

xo Jane

marlowe said...

So lovely! Elephant -- want!

marlowe said...
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The Monkey Flower Group said...

The shop looks so beautiful and cozy! I love your little tree : ).