Sunday, December 11, 2011

This is the perfect life.

Looking through the new World of Interiors early this morning I came upon this photo in 'the best of 30 years' insert.  It shows the" Potter Mary Wondrausch with her 33 year old donkey, Emmie, in her garden in Surrey..." from 1988.

This is who I want to be in ten years: making pots, hanging out with my donkey in my quirky garden in the country.  I showed this to Steve from An Urban Cottage, who came into the shop to show me how to link and he was curious about whether I'd also wear a blue MuMu.  Hmm.  Gillian suggested I keep my
hair short, as Mary's hair seemed a bit of a mess, and I'd better hurry up and get a donkey who would be that old.
Any donkey will do, I'll never comb my hair again and I'll be happy in burlap if this were my life.  Am I becoming fey during this hectic holiday season? If I remember to take home the little tree for Jane's Monday Flowers in the House I'll consider myself sane.
Thanks Steve for coming in today.  I'll be linking up a storm now!


helen tilston said...

Looks like you are dreaming of an idyllic life - I love it too.

Hope your wishes come true

Jen said...

I so get this dream--donkey and all.

flwrjane said...

If I can have a goat I'll hang out with you too.

Especially if we can let our hair be messy.

Oh,mine is right now.

See you tomorrow!

xo jane

webb said...

Goats are the best! How can you not love an animal who likes to stand on his (or her) house? Am dying to have one, too.

There's plenty of time to decide about the hair.

Bow Street Flowers said...

Helen - working on it!
Jen - dreams keep us going!
Jane- goats are def welcome in my garden!
Webb, the hair has been decided: short and uncombed!! Love goats too, but a donkey is required. Absolutely.

marlowe said...

Count me in -- please!!

Martin & the Magpie said...

my hair looks like the donkeys at the moment...oh and don't get the goat, you will never grow anything in the garden again and it will try to munch on your clothes when your back is turned, even if you are still wearing them!! i know this from experience, stick with the donkey dream..xx