Monday, December 31, 2012

Flowers in the House

Jane's hosting a New Year's Eve Eve flower party at her house where it's also Mr. Baby's birthday.

If  you pay her a visit, you'll see some very sophisticated and beautifully designed arrangements.  And Mr. Baby's adorable toes.

My house flowers are of the slash and burn variety.  We had too many paperwhites left over this year and since we're closed for two weeks, I mowed them down and brought them home and dropped them into a pair of Japanese vases.  Here is my mantle AGAIN where the northern light of the living room gives me and the Canon no grief.

Just below the mantle, on a too large coffee table,  is a horror of papers, books, old junk mail, pens, glasses,  an empty Motrin bottle, a nail file, a felting project and a shallow box of bills.  I wish my whole living room looked as well thought out as my mantle.

 This could/should be the subject of my resolution for 2013, but I think I'll choose trying to be more sociable OUTSIDE of Bow Street Flowers where I'm never shy, and making more donkey connections, which could involve being more social.

Happy New Year to all of you.  May you always have flowers in your house.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lined up and ready to go

Sunday and Christmas Eve were spent preparing and delivering house flowers for a good client.
Except for some walk-ins and a few friends, it was quiet at the shop and we had time to take our time.

In situ

Home now, enjoying sleeping in, visiting Opal, shopping for cookie ingredients and snagging a cashmere sweater on sale.  Can we have too much cashmere?

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas present

We finished the last of the mantles today.  We made Christmas arrangements, set up Amaryllis gifts, picked up containers for Christmas Eve flowers, tried to salvedge a crate of paper whites that had fallen over, and failed.  We welcomed regular customers who shopped for last minute gifts and bouquets for their Christmases, we enjoyed visits by previous employees who came to wish us well and say hello to 
the rabbits and catch up with their news and ours.   We drank hot lemon water, ate roasted squash and pumpkin soup, a few cookies and we started the morning with Burdick's hot chocolate demis.

We're open tomorrow from noon to five and Christmas Eve from ten to five.  We're closed Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We'll be open on Friday and Saturday and then I'm going back to The Circus for my left knee replacement.  I'll be blogging while convalescing and we'll be back on January 16.   We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and a winter without ice. 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Wish it weren't so.

One of the most difficult times for me in this business is when I meet with a bride who has a tiny budget for flowers, but wants flowers everywhere.
When I meet with her during  the holidays, this pinches even more; I end up feeling like the Grinch on the one hand, and annoyed on the other.  When I'm pressured to think of creative ways to make a table festive with flowers for almost nothing, and I suggest  making the table pretty without flowers, which is then ignored, I know we're not the florist for her.

I may have sawed this log before here, but if a Bride has a tight budget, I suggest a beautiful Bridal bouquet, one large, festive piece, and candles on the table.  Her photos will be beautiful.  Her guests won't think she skimped on the flowers when she's carrying a gorgeous bouquet and the ceremony is set with an extraordinary piece. " A little something" on the aisle chairs or the tables is just that: " little" and no one will remember it.

I love City Hall weddings, backyard weddings, intimate restaurant weddings as much as I enjoy big splashy weddings.  Our goal here, however, is to provide the most beautiful flowers available - flowers that the Bride and her guests will love and remember always.

'nuf said... I'm off to Whoville

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

One more to go..

My customer was sorry to see her Fall kale planting go, so we cut it, cleaned it up and layed it in the containers.  I'm guessing  it will stay for a week or so.

Best part of this photo is the perfectly framed French Bull dog. (we didn't do the door).

We made giant boxwood balls for the urns and smaller ones for the window boxes.

And the annual 'della robbia' wreaths for an old customer.  I kind of like their anachronistic vibe. It goes with the Italianate architecture.

One more to go today, then it's inside decorating for two days. Three trees. Three mantles.  No lunch, coffee or cookies... JANE!

Saturday, December 8, 2012

short break and the last wreath hung!

Flowers first.  and shop photos.


These last four are photos of Saipua's amazing soaps.  The packaging alone is worth having.
Made with olive oil and some expert scenting, they are kind to the skin and they make your linens smell amazing!

And then, there are the items NFS.

And one last photo of Violet I forgot to post. 

We're open tomorrow from noon to five with pretty things to sell.  Monday, we start all over again with a new round of Christmas.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Moving on to Christmas

Thank you all who left condolences for Violet.  It cheered me up knowing you were seeing her in all her goofy glory and stately beauty.

It is December 1st and we are gold leafing, making ribbons and holiday greens arrangements.  The ornaments are on display, the Gold Medal Amaryllis is in full bloom, the wreaths are hung She & Him is on the playlist.

We're open on Sundays through the 23rd from noon to five and next week we hit the ground running with interior and exterior decorating.  Hello Christmas!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Let's celebrate the life of Violet

Violet was found in an Industrial Park, knocked up and hungry.  We adopted her from the House Rabbit Society after all her babies had been adopted.  She had a great life here if you don't count the time she got her ass whupped by Georgette and was hospitalized for three days!

She had street cred and not much bothered her except being put back on the floor after a cuddle.  She had an unwavering love for ZuZu that was never returned.  She hated Petals.  She loved banana and apple and stretching out over the heat register. She hoovered up rose leaves and gently savoured Pennycress.

She was older than the other rabbits which would have made her about 12.  She almost made it to the end of the surgery, but her age made her vulnerable to the anesthesia.

Cheers to you Violet.  There are many who will miss you.

Friday, November 23, 2012


I baked a pumpkin pie yesterday without condensed milk.  I don't know why I found the idea of condensed milk to be wrong, but I found recipes for a heavy cream  replacement.

The pie is very rich and kind of fluffy.  It's really good, but I think I might prefer the condensed milk version for it's denseness.  I am a 'savory' type as opposed to 'sweet', and that is why I love pumpkin pie.  I'm looking forward to the cold version tonight and I might make a second pie on Sunday....with condensed milk.

We had peonies and Darcy Garden Roses left from Thanksgiving.  We were closed, but I had an anniversary arrangement to deliver that came in yesterday and a small wedding for tomorrow, so I worked alone happily and listened to NPR.

I treasure my Madderlake books.  I'd always had a vision of how flower arrangements should be and these guys described what I hadn't been able to articulate.  Sadly, they closed before I had a chance to visit their shop in NYC.

We're open on Sundays in December.  This weekend will be my last one off;  to the movies I think: Life of Pi or Lincoln?

There's going to be a shift at Bow Street Flowers starting in January.  The details are being worked out.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How to give thanks

The last arrangement was picked up at 6:30 while a couple pondered over the flower selection and chose three flowers to take to their Hostess tomorrow.

There's much for which to give thanks.  I think, though, that the spirit of Thanksgiving might be well represented by this photo of my sister-in-law Diana at a family gathering that was not the holiday, but a celebration nontheless of families getting together.

Here she is, diligently carving into a broken cork to free the elixir inside the bottle for all of us to enjoy.
She was successful. (Not really sure what the bottle of olive oil is doing there).

 We all gave thanks.

Cheers. And Happy Thanksgiving.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Orange and Violet

Hortense is jaunty in her orange Autumn crown.

And the news for sweet Violet is that she's having her eye operation on Tuesday after Thanksgiving.
I won't go into the details but we won't have to worry about eye infections anymore.  My only worry is her age, but she's in excellent hands for the operation, so I'm trusting in a good outcome.

No dahlias, but antique lavender hydrangea, orange roses with pink highlights and mango calla lilies, lavender sweet pea.

And then there's the usual autumn faire of burnt orange roses, orange rose hips and refreshing ferns to break the heat .  And yellow roses, coral charm peonies,  tall Gloriousa lilies.  It's Thanksgiving and it's Autumn; we want the warmth of color to ease us into the winter; heat and fire and then on Friday, the burning colors will be over and purples, hot pinks and reds will reign. 

 Those of us who have featured pumpkins, Chinese lanterns, Free Spirit roses and rusty calla lilies, will transition into the fresh clear colors of winter with relief.  We look forward to gold ribbon, red berries, white peonies, french tulips and the fragrance of evergreens, wreaths and little white lights to welcome customers into the shop. Next week, we make evergreen arrangements in birch bark containers, kissing balls with beautiful English boxwood,we  pot up Amaryllis also in birch bark containers and get ready to brave the cold and decorate outdoor containers for our dearest customers.   

 We are thankful for the extra week this year after Thanksgiving to prepare for our holiday projects, and to tend to  Violet who will be recovering from her eye operation.