Monday, January 30, 2012

It will have to be this instead

I began dutifully hemming our new curtain fabric after the orders were out this morning:  Katy making tissue flowers, me with a needle and thread, the IPod playing Keith Jarret; it was a real domestic scene, until....the curtain went up in flames when I layed it on a candle burning on the counter.  No firemen were involved, but we had quite a nice fire.
So, rather than blog about our wonderful new curtains, I'll show you Miss Twinkle, my favorite orchid that finally came in a month later than usual.

When these bloom, they'll be the color of claret and they also smell amazing.

And, my friend Marlowe over at Orts and Fragments brought me this beautiful stained glass window as a present.  She was ready to hang it but the transom window wasn't steady enough for it, so we've been moving it around to see where it best fits.

Two more parasols are completed.  Installing them today.  The curtain installation is set for tomorrow.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Valentine's Day

Anticipating the intensity of Valentine's Day, the long hours, the hunger, the fatigue, we assuage our
anxiety by coming up with decorating projects that will keep us amused during the melee.

This year, we're busily making these.  We have ideas for them.  It's going to be lovely!

The big red light heart is being installed in the front of the shop, the painted wooden cupid unwrapped,
vases being ordered and we're putting up new curtains.  And except for the lit heart, it will all stay up through Mother's Day because who doesn't love hot pink? (o.k. o.k. SOMEBODY I'm sure hates pink).

Monday, January 23, 2012

I'm a little late to the party!

Bringing flowers from my house to Jane at Small But Charming.  I was inspired by our Valentine's Day musings last week.  Please forgive the candle wax smudges on the mantle.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Paean to Peggy

This is my last day of home convalescence.  While I'm still a bit wobbly, it's time to reopen the shop and build up my strength with purpose.  I've been something of a slug these past two weeks, making at least one daily gesture toward exercising which isn't really enough.  My Savior was Peggy, my Physical Therapist who made me cry (in the beginning) with her relentless insistence that I gain flexion in my knee.
The exercise video mailed to me pre-operation didn't have any of these tortuous flexing execises.  Peggy didn't really care if I could stand on my toes:  more important to flex at 105 degrees.

So, thank you Peggy.  Thanks for that ugly/beautiful hot pink mohair jacket you wore that made me smile when I felt like crap.  Thanks for being a lapsed Triathelete.  Thanks for being from a giant family in Minnesota with community values.  Thanks for loving wine maybe more than I do.  Also, thanks for the wine!  Thanks for telling me you're getting married in February, so I can make you a beautiful bouquet, and for all the great stories you told me while shoving my knee just a little further back.

Tomorrow, FLOWERS.  All fresh and beautiful. And for Peggy, I'm guessing pink might be your color.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Patience for the Patient

I once heard the poet, Lyn Hejenian say that when she went to see the doctor, she took a giant volume of the French Critic, Kristeva with her.  She was a patient who could crack Kristeva! She was Somebody.

Since Tuesday, I've been wallowing in self pity, pain and general discomfort, reduced by it all  to a Convalescent Crabby-Pants.  So, imagine my joy when I received an email from a June bride who aplologized for bothering me, but was going to pick out linens for her country wedding next week and wondered if I had any suggestions.  She attached examples of ideas and colors. 

Bothered? I am NOT a Convalescent Crabby Pants afterall!  I'm a Floral Designer!  I'm needed to give suggestions to my bride. Thank You!

No matter how wonderful a hospital staff is, no matter the expertise of the doctor, the quality of the food,  or the view, the loving care of a partner,  keeping oneself WHO one is as a patient, can be hard without the trappings of our art, our expertise, our thoughts, our clothes, our style, our criticisms, our witticisms, our passions.

So, thank you, Rebecca!!  I'm looking through your proposal and I'll be getting back to you tonight!  

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

5 days at the Circus

Well, five days at the Circus AKA New England Baptist Hospital.  I was a petulant little Circus Goer.  Oh, yes, I started out excited to see the Clowns, the high wire acts, the Bare-back Rider, but they must have put something in my cotton candy because I thought the costumes were a bit tawdry, the facilities run down, the animals too thin and shy and instead of being funny, the Clowns seemed, well, confused.
Every night there was a vivid film of my job with famous floral designers helping me out with an impossible deadline.  A novel addition to any Circus! Why was I so crabby? The clowns arrived twice a  day, but they argued about the skits: get into the little car? get out of the little car? Walk toward the audience? away from the audience? wear the funny white stockings? take off the funny white stockings?  Why are they arguing at the Circus? Shouldn't they have rehearsed? 

 While I'm pretty sure the Cotton Candy was the culprit, and not the Circus/Hospital, I'm glad to say I'm happy to be home. Oh, and why did I go there?   To have my knee replaced.   There's no photo for that, but plenty of metaphors which are inappropriate for this blog!