Tuesday, February 28, 2012

What Kate made photographed against our new paint color sample

Katy put this together this morning and I set it against one of Benjamin Moore's new 18X18 inch paint swatches.  I think this is what we're going with for the walls above the wainscotting.  Now I have to choose a cream color that sets it off nicely.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Back to the Mantle, it's Flowers in the House

Jane at Small But Charming is hosting Flowers in the House this Monday.  From my early perusal this morning, I see that daffs are a popular theme.  I love this variety, especially when it starts coming in from the Northwest in boxes ... not terribly long lasting, but ever so cheery.

Jonquils with Modestine, a present from the Girls one Christmas after I'd seen it at the Antique Market...her nose is a bit smashed, but I love her and I love that she was rescued by them, and that they didn't think I was nuts for admiring her so much.

And on my way to the car this morning I took a pic of the first snowdrops.

Snow is predicted this week.  It IS March, but with our track record for snow this winter, I'll believe it when I see it.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Violet's Day Out and a small flower stampede

I worked alone today.  Came in to set up the display which I don't do very often anymore.  We had a nice selection of flowers and since it's been pretty slow this week, I thought we had enough.
As it turns out, everyone was waiting for Saturday to come in or place an order:  BBrooks sent over an order for a big arrangement, customers bought all the tulips before eleven o'clock,    I was pulling flowers off of the display to save them for pick up orders.  A good customer called last minute for a big dining room centerpiece.  More mad dashing from the display to the cooler to hoard flowers.

This is what's left.

This is why:

And all through the bustle, Violet was enjoying her day out on the heat-register:

After a while, she decided to get REALLY comfortable and stay a while.

Violet, as some of you may know, is our oldest rabbit.  Petals has snuggled up to the register a couple of times, but Violet's old bones really like to soak in the warmth.  I gave her a peanut sesame treat: like an ice cold drink in a sauna: bliss.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Saturday, February 18, 2012


There's a little something for everyone on this weekend's post.

First, Steve from An Urban Cottage paid us a visit last week.  He's suggested a few times that a certain wall in the shop would make a great photo backdrop, except for the color behind the architectural 'thing' we had set up there.

This green does not make a good backdrop for flower photos.  The wainscotting in the front was painted this color too, so we painted it cream for photo friendliness.  Now we're talking about changing the paint color for the whole shop.  Grey has been suggested. Pale pink has been given some thought.  All with cream accents...I think.  Anyone want to throw in their few cents worth? or, rather, gold mine of information?

For Rachel, I took more photos of the rabbits eating.  Nothing very exciting here except for Georgette trying in vain to raid the kibble bag.

Then, the wonder of my Thomas Jefferson begonia given to me by a dear customer: well, she brought me several leaves from her plant that has its origins at Monticello from Thomas Jefferson's collection.

I planted the leaves in soil and lost all but one of them.  The survivor rooted in and thrived.  Everyone wants to buy it, but I say no.  And the other day, the beginning of a flower appeared.

Two days off ahead! A film might be just the thing.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I can't believe...

...we ran out of flowers.  The cold chest is empty and customers are choosing their way through the last of the yellow roses, the red tulips, the gerbera daisies (sorry, Miss P).  So far, no one has left in disappointment, but it's a challenge making bouquets.

This is the beginning of things on Sunday.


We're waiting for orders to be picked up, but I'd say, we're done.  Kudos and thank yous to Kate, Sarah, Marisa and Allison who came in one last time to help out before class.  Everyone was stellar.  Only one mix-up on my part.  I'll be paying dearly for it tomorrow, but that's the Biz.

Friday, February 10, 2012

No photos please

Yesterday I was sitting with Petals in the front of the shop and a young man walked in with vase of flowers and said, "this is kind of embarrasing, but these flowers are for the person on the 3rd floor and she isn't home.  May I leave them here with you"?
Of course, no problem.  We gave him a cookie (from our customer Faith who just became a grandmother for the first time and gave US cookies) and sent him on his way.

But here IS my problem.  I guess I didn't realize that anyone made these kinds of arrangements anymore.
It was pink and white designed with mini carnations, white daisy poms and leather leaf with a few spray roses thrown in.  While I know, and often say that there is a flower shop for everyone's taste and budget and this is a good thing, I wonder  why anyone would be satisfied to create such an arrangement, let alone receive one.  I understand budget concerns.  Really I do. But with all of the amazing (even affordable) options at the Market, why not slip one or two interesting blossoms into the mix.  Use a low vase.  Add some texture.  I'm guessing this arrangement cost the sender 45.00 plus delivery. I'm guessing the florist spent about 15.00 on all of the materials.  Same profit margin. And the kicker was that there was an expensive ribbon tied around the vase... pretty hot pink double satin, not the usual acetate that comes with Teleflora orders.

I'm probably preaching to the choir here, but it saddens me that more florists don't want to share the available bounty with their customers.  What would I do if I didn't get excited about beautiful flowers?
Why would I want to come in to the shop everyday if it weren't for Yves Piaget and Japanese Sweet Pea, and Astrancia, and Anemones.

A man just came in with a fifteen dollar budget.  He left with three purple anemones, one had ghostly stripes of white, and three white tulips with purple stripes: 12.00 plus tax.  How hard was that?

Done for now.  There are roses to process and budgets to consider:  big ones and small ones.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentine's Day is looking very.... pink and red.

Sumi ink hearts hand painted with a Chinese brush by Gillian at GCPress.

Twenty two inch tall Japanese Sweet Pea.

Hortense has been festooned.

Bottom has been ribboned and garlanded.

Silk and lavender sachets have been made. Beeswax candle jars from Pod and soy and beeswax candles from Tatine.

Roses haven't come in yet, but this David Austin beauty from last week will be among them.

Dusty Miller, Hydrangea, Gloriosa Lilies and Sweet Pea are up to their necks in fresh water, quietly, slowly hydrating for the Big Event.

Gillian reminds me that I need hydrating too.  Guess I'll plug in the kettle and pull that giant lemon out of the fridge.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

My romantic notion....

can't compare with this.  It's why she's been referred to as a National Treasure.  Bold and cheeky.  Love you, Miss P.