Saturday, February 18, 2012


There's a little something for everyone on this weekend's post.

First, Steve from An Urban Cottage paid us a visit last week.  He's suggested a few times that a certain wall in the shop would make a great photo backdrop, except for the color behind the architectural 'thing' we had set up there.

This green does not make a good backdrop for flower photos.  The wainscotting in the front was painted this color too, so we painted it cream for photo friendliness.  Now we're talking about changing the paint color for the whole shop.  Grey has been suggested. Pale pink has been given some thought.  All with cream accents...I think.  Anyone want to throw in their few cents worth? or, rather, gold mine of information?

For Rachel, I took more photos of the rabbits eating.  Nothing very exciting here except for Georgette trying in vain to raid the kibble bag.

Then, the wonder of my Thomas Jefferson begonia given to me by a dear customer: well, she brought me several leaves from her plant that has its origins at Monticello from Thomas Jefferson's collection.

I planted the leaves in soil and lost all but one of them.  The survivor rooted in and thrived.  Everyone wants to buy it, but I say no.  And the other day, the beginning of a flower appeared.

Two days off ahead! A film might be just the thing.


Alicia said...

wow! I have one similar as yours. Is this a begonia tiger?

An Urban Cottage said...

I thought I would add that the architectural "thing" is directly opposite a huge window that would provide the perfect lighting to shoot photos. Perhaps pieces of fabric tacked behind it could provide a changeable backdrop.

Might just have to sneak a clipping of that begonia. My mother has ivy from the Vanderbilt mansion in Newport we snuck when we were there so stealing plants runs in my family.

Bow Street Flowers said...

Alicia, I don't know the name, but I've seen a similar variety at the market. Maybe you're related too!

Steve, if I hung fabric, you'd get to take me off your "painting for friends" list".
Stealing flowers runs in my family...skipped my Mother's generation. You're welcome to a few leaves to try.

flowers on my table said...

I think grey would be a lovely backdrop for the flowers, in a mid to deep shade. I love the architectural details, they give the space a bit of focus and interest.Well done with the Begonia, that is very exciting! Love Linda x

webb said...

I'd trust Steve's eye on paint. He's done lovely things at home - use his wisdom!

Passed down plants are the very best. It's clear that we pass down the love of plants and gardening, but to actually have a plant that was your mother's (or grandmother's) makes that connection so much closer. Enjoy!

marlowe said...

New paint -- how exciting! I like the idea of grey and cream -- maybe a few pale pink accents here and there? My TJ hasn't bloomed yet -- but how happy it is!
I miss you, sunshine.

Falls Flowers said...

a medium warm gray would be so beautiful. i've decided that it's time to repaint the shop (already?! oy). have a soft gray that i love, have a yellow that i've fallen out of love with. ah, that's my 2 pennies. hope your days off were delightful & fruitful! xoxo

Heather said...

Taking cuttings is not stealing! Although I have been known to steal some in my time and I drove the get-away car when Camille at the Vintique Object did her post on fall foliage. I actually like the idea of fabric and changing it out seasonally to accent the available changing flowers.