Friday, February 10, 2012

No photos please

Yesterday I was sitting with Petals in the front of the shop and a young man walked in with vase of flowers and said, "this is kind of embarrasing, but these flowers are for the person on the 3rd floor and she isn't home.  May I leave them here with you"?
Of course, no problem.  We gave him a cookie (from our customer Faith who just became a grandmother for the first time and gave US cookies) and sent him on his way.

But here IS my problem.  I guess I didn't realize that anyone made these kinds of arrangements anymore.
It was pink and white designed with mini carnations, white daisy poms and leather leaf with a few spray roses thrown in.  While I know, and often say that there is a flower shop for everyone's taste and budget and this is a good thing, I wonder  why anyone would be satisfied to create such an arrangement, let alone receive one.  I understand budget concerns.  Really I do. But with all of the amazing (even affordable) options at the Market, why not slip one or two interesting blossoms into the mix.  Use a low vase.  Add some texture.  I'm guessing this arrangement cost the sender 45.00 plus delivery. I'm guessing the florist spent about 15.00 on all of the materials.  Same profit margin. And the kicker was that there was an expensive ribbon tied around the vase... pretty hot pink double satin, not the usual acetate that comes with Teleflora orders.

I'm probably preaching to the choir here, but it saddens me that more florists don't want to share the available bounty with their customers.  What would I do if I didn't get excited about beautiful flowers?
Why would I want to come in to the shop everyday if it weren't for Yves Piaget and Japanese Sweet Pea, and Astrancia, and Anemones.

A man just came in with a fifteen dollar budget.  He left with three purple anemones, one had ghostly stripes of white, and three white tulips with purple stripes: 12.00 plus tax.  How hard was that?

Done for now.  There are roses to process and budgets to consider:  big ones and small ones.


Falls Flowers said...

*love* I'm so there with you. Hey, we'll show the world one sender at a time. That happened to us last year - UPS left a ProFlowers box at the shop for our neighbors. Our neighbors have been our customers ever since.

Kathy :) said...

I so love a whole array of different flowers, like they were just picked from a garden, and nothing makes my heart skip faster than bells of Ireland tucked in there too :)

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's

webb said...

You've just pushed me over the edge. I've complained (call it what it is - bitched) for several weeks about the quality of the flowers I have been getting from my long-time favorite florist.

Now I am asking myself HOW did it become my favorite? I walked past it every morning on my way to work - that's how. Bad reason.

I am going looking for a better grade of flowers! Thank, a [er...] bunch!

Bow Street Flowers said...

Peicha..yes, one at a time, but wish we could do it faster!

Kathy..the garden does inform us, doesn't it?

Webb..maybe your florist wouldn't mind a gentle nudge...something pretty and new!!!

gillian. said...

Amen, sistah! Better flowers and more cookies!

Sharon Parker said...

Yes, I'm with you on this! Even the grocery store has more interesting bouquets than that. Well, my grocery store is a natural foods co-op, so maybe that has something to do with it.

I suppose if a person sees sending flowers as an obligation rather than a joy, they might settle for predictable and boring. But, as you point out, what's the florist's excuse?

Marie said...

Tell me about it.

flowers on my table said...

I know just what you are saying, but I guess some Florist's hearts are just not in it. It is very frustrating here in Northern Ireland, a lot of flower shops are doing that old fashioned stuff, and Funerals are the worst! Most people though buy their flowers from Supermarkets. Sometimes when I meet with a bride, she tells me she's not in to flowers at all, but feels the need to have something. Myself, I find this totally baffling! Love Linda x