Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Baby

My new Baby Mac has arrived.  But she can't talk yet.  Waiting for Carlos to come tomorrow to encrypt for online orders and get the mail up and running. This time I'm taking advantage of the free classes Apple offers through their One to One program.  I didn't grow up with computers, and without the Girls over the years, I'd be completely stupid about them.

In the meantime we're basking in blue skies and warm temps.  The flowering trees are popping out;  I'm a little worried that Spring is going to be over before Easter...and then again, I'm loving this weather so much.

Loving blue right now.


An Urban Cottage said...


Isn't this weather crazy? Especially considering we could still get snow!

Noelle the dreamer said...

Loving the photo! Is it really Spring??
I can tell you here on the Pacific NW coast it so dreary and blustery one would think it is very much still Winter!

Bow Street Flowers said...
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Bow Street Flowers said...

Yeah, Steve..waiting for the other shoe to drop!
Does this mean a wet summer?

Anna, Oh yes! I like that. said...

I thought for a second you actually had a baby called Mac and you were disappointed he couldn't speak.

What can I say? Its been a long day. x

webb said...

I'd happily take a wet summer. I'm afraid of a HOT one, instead. Hope I am wrong.

Bow Street Flowers said...

Noelle, normally it would be cold and blustery here too, but it's been a crazy winter!
Skin and Blister! O dear! Too much anthropomorphizing the objects that keep the shop going! They are like little alive creatures.
Webb, I predict a wet summer. Cool and wet. Based upon nothing in particular but Nature's jokes.

flwrjane said...

I'm with Webb, we'll be sweltering down here.

I love that picture.

Must have some like that TOMORROW.

Maybe Carlos can put together an attachment?

xoxo J.

PS that skin and blister sister is funny.

Falls Flowers said...

LOVING the blues. especially that tall vase in the

i'm hoping for the wet and cool. we're hitting 80 today in philly and my brain can't handle it. for me, the first 80degree day is reserved for when we're working on an end-of-May wedding.

can't wait to SEE YOU! xoxo

and congrats on baby Mac. ;)