Saturday, March 31, 2012

The week ahead

The Flower Market is open tomorrow.  A boatload of product is coming in for Easter and Passover which play  piggyback this year on the same weekend.  Blame it on the full moon. Really.

A florist was moaning that she had to come back tomorrow to see what new product there will be for her event on Monday.  I was silent, but smug. I wasn't going to the market on Sunday.  I was going to stay cozy in bed reading...until:  a woman came into the shop this morning to order some pieces for her Garden Club meeting, and she needs them Monday at nine a.m.  If I don't want to get up at 5:00 on Monday, I'm going to the Market in the morning where I'll be rubbing shoulders with the Realists of my profession.

Denial?  I guess.

Steve from An Urban Cottage dropped by to visit for a little show and tell. It was nice to have company, since I'll be working alone until Wednesday.  Kate's gone to Belfast to a wedding, Sarah got a job at Allandale Farm, and Marisa is on her restuarant schedule until mid week.  Good Spouse Joe delivered flowers today and is helping out Monday and Tuesday.

Buffet piece for Catalyst in Kendall Square. Who opened the customer floodgates?


webb said...

The buffet piece - wow! I want it bad!

An Urban Cottage said...

Well, that's a little beauty you must have whipped up after I left. I saw where your Garden Club delivery will be but I was unable to shoot the Longfellow House since a homeless Santa Claus character in camouflage had taken up residence on the front steps. He was still there on my return trip. Such is city life.

Jen said...

I am crazy about that buffet piece. Webb and I will be fighting over it. Coming to visit you soon---after the Passover/Easter rush sounds best.

Bow Street Flowers said...

Webb - wish I could beam it to you!

Steve - OMG. the house must not be open for tours. HA! City life indeed.

Jen - looking forward to a visit!!!

Sprout said...

I thought about going to the market tomorrow -it's always calmer to go in on a Sunday, nicer ride, less frenetic cutting flowers while the shop is closed. But after a Boston wedding today, I think I'll stay home and go out for pancakes...but I'll be thinking of you!

flwrjane said...

Gosh I guess it's busier in your area for Easter.

It's the lite holiday around here.

We have a little wedding, some parties and I'm sure there will be centerpieces.

But not today. Think I'll go over to Sprout's for pancakes.

xo Jane

Bow Street Flowers said...

Sprout - think I'll bring the flowers home first and make some brioche french toast. How about two breakfasts, Jane?